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I'm so sad and lonely. My good friend from high school is getting married tomorrow and I just got home from the rehearsal dinner. We're out of college, in our twenties....I'm not feeling right in my current relationship and I know it won't go into the future. I'm just so disappointed that I haven't found the kind of love they have. Seeing them together makes me smile but it almost hurts too.


What do I do.

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I know how you feel. When I was outta high school and I heard that my friends were getting married, I felt envious of them too. If you don't feel right about yourt current relationship then get out of it..you're time will come when you are ready to get married and settle down.

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Ohh Girl I know what you mean! I am 28 divorced 6 years, had 2 longterm

relationships each lasting 3 years and now I am alone. Tonight, on a Friday night, I sit home b/c I give up. We are never given directions on forming adult relationships which would be kind of boring if it were so.

You say your current situation is not going anywhere, why? Usually it is expressed by one or both parties in the relationship or there could be just the unknown kinda like knowing somethings missing just not sure what.

I stayed with someone for 3 years hoping he would come around and in the end I was forced to keep moping around or have the courage to make that change. I dumped him, thinking he would come crying back, well he went crying right into the arms of another woman 2 weeks after I dumped him. I know that we were not right for one another, he never deserved me, yet is hurts to know that he is already "seriously" dating her. You see our problem was that he was too burned from his divorce to trust another commitment, so I thought, however, he has had no problem trusting her. SO if you think you need to lose this current man, do so , but make sure it is what you want, make damn sure! Or you may be alone, some say alone is better than living a lie, but the way I feel tonight I am not so sure.

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Hey everyone, happy here


I guess you just have to stop worrying. Where does it take you, do something about it. Work your relationship or go out and meet new people...


I believe there's always people out there for you and the problem is only finding which one. All I can say is:


For those who have given up: There is still hope, if you weren't meant to be with someone, it'll still happen, don't loose your faith.


For those who are thinking about giving up: Never give up, don't sit down and watch you life pass you bay. Get active, life is what you make out of it, and only you can change your life, no one else can do it for you. Do you want to wait till you meet that someone special or go search for him/her right now and be together for more longer that you would...


'luck everyone

Happy Heb

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