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Girlfriend thinks i make porno's


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Title is self explanatory. My girlfriend was walking down the street some day and somebody offered her money to come and have sex with them to make a porno. Ever since that day she doesn't trust me with sex cause she think i'm hideing a camera and secretly making porn..


Is this normal? Or is she paranoid?

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Ok .. so .. some other dude was creepy, and you're stuck suffering because of it?


Well crap man, that is not fair at all. You shouldn't be blamed or punished because there are wacko people in the world.


Definitely over-paranoia from her in this case if you've never given her any notion you're doing something like that.

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There is a British guy that makes pornos like this, he goes up to women on the street and offers them money to make a porno with him (bendovervideo is the label, I think).


I would just tell her that you had nothing to do with it and that it isn't uncommon for them to approach women like this.

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yeap, show her the link to those sites and have her watch it herself... chances are she'll see it's not that big a deal and calm down.


As for you.... sorry man, that's an awful situation you're in and wasn't your fault - many people would agree that you're not to blame and she's being unfair to you/overreacting.


Good luck!

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No im not making porn and selling it. And i totally agree with her being a bit paranoid.. but she absolutly refuses to have sex. there for sleep in the same bed! we live together and we slept in the same bed. but now she is sleeping out ont he couch.


we have been dateing for 3 years also.

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Sounds like she has real issues. That is quite a full on reaction to a situation like that and she might need professional help... seriously...


She could also just be using this as an excuse and is hiding her actual reasons for not wanting to sleep with you.


Yeah very true.. She doesn't even come home now though. She is staying at her sisters house..


she refuses to be near me...


and i'm looking for professional help so she can ger over this.


after 3 years i think she should trust me by now..

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I think she is acting a bit paranoid.


Any signs of paranoia in your early dating days?


Perhaps trust was always an issue and this brought it out in the open?



Not really. She's usually super chill about things. But this came along and she went crazy..


but you guys are probaly right useing that as a excuse about something else..

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