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Does anyone know a good undetectable keylogger?


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A womans 'gut' feeling is usually right..... and borntoresist, as much as it sucked to find out what you were feeling turned out to be right, I bet it was nice to know you were NOT crazy.


Intuition baby, we rule!


Oh, and by the way, some of the stuff I found out with my keylogger..... I passed off as really good instincts, LOL!

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Holy crap. I'm happy that i started this thread, other than just downloading the first thing i seen.


Yesterday, I downloaded a free keylogger off the interent, on my work computer, just to get a basic feel of it and how it worked, what i had to look out for and make sure that no signs turned up anywhere.


Anyway, after i got back from lunch, i turned my computer on and there was this huge full size screen that says "your 21 day free trial to Personal Inspector will expire in 20 days, woud you like to purchase now??"




I would have been SOOOO busted!

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you'll need to totally disable mcafee or disable the folder you will be putting it in!


stupid virus scanners! good thing is they usually allow for stuff if you tell the program it's NOT a virus.


Yes, I tried that too, under the personal firewall settings. I put in as allow full access and it still says that it detected a trojan virus in the .dll file, and deleted it. Then after that, i tried disabling it, and after i thought i fixed everything, A message kept popping saying that mcaffee detected a virus named keylog etc... so if he seen that, then i'd be busted. He's already paranoid about me checking up on him.

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Exactly what sort of things are you hoping to find? I know you already have a pretty good idea of the types of adult sites he frequents so that's not likely your primary goal.


Is it email and/or instant messaging that you're looking for? It's maybe possible to find out some of what you need to without a key logger since being discovered doing that has you so worried. I don't imagine you have his passwords for instant messaging assuming he types them in every time. Can you check to see if there's anything in his sent mail folders, or instant messaging logs.


If he's erasing the browser cache, is he also clearing out the auto-complete fields in it? Sometimes it's possible to pull info out of places like that.


Just curious, it may be that you don't actually need a keylogger if there's another way to find the info you might be looking for.

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Well, what i suspect, is he's using his email to contact someone. If he is cheating. I don't have his passwords. He's very secretive when he logs in. He always looks at me to see if i'm watching him type in his password *rolls eyes* He's gone so far as to tell me to stop looking at him! lol


Lately he hasn't even checked it around me. Also, I know he's been on yahoo alot. I'm thinking maybe he's set up another address there, that i don't know about because i'm sure he wouldn't be communicating with some one using the email that i DO know about.


A few months back, he had contacted his ex-girlfriend. He accidentally saved her email on the internet favorites menu... I was so hurt, because we had huge issues with him being "friends" with her, it broke us up, he promised NEVER to contact her again. When i seen that, i was so scared at what i would find.


I broke into his email, and read the email. It was just a friendly note. But a betrayal just the same.


So-- for the reason that i have shown that i was capable of breaking into his email, in the past, he's not a stupid man. I think he'd set up another email address.

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It just sounds so sneaky of him. My partner knows my passwords. I can understand wanting a sense of privacy even if there's nothing to be private about, but actually taking pains to shield your password entry from a partner sounds so wrong.


Sadly and ironically, the only computer based activity I don't keep my partner advised of is my time here on ENA.


Unfortunately as you're discovering, the keyloggers are considered by some of the anti virus programs to be malware.


If he's using web based email, is there a chance he's let the browser cache his usernames? Likely not, but if so you can tell if he's got another account. Very unlikely he's letting it cache passwords though so unless you can guess at them you may need that keylogger to work for you. Depending on the system you may be able to figure out his password if they have a way of recovering a lost one and you know enough about him to get through the security measures they have in place in the recovery procedure.

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IMO you should just break up with him. Even if he is cheating, logging the keystrokes on someones computer is wrong.


If I caught someone I was with logging the keystrokes on my computer I would most likely cuts things off pretty quickly.


It's MY computer, and I have plenty good reasons to stay with him, i'm pregnant with his first child..


I'm not going to throw away three years, the hell we've been through and all the progress we've made afterwards on some suspicions. I need proof before i do something as drastic as that.

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I think i have chickened out.... Every half hour or so, mcaffee pops up saying the same freakin thing! I'm getting so frustrated ](*,)


It keeps saying now, that it has detected a keylog trojan virus in C files/system volume file! It's from that keylogger i tried downloading lastnight i guess. I don't know how to remove this message from my computer before he gets home.


When he sees "keylog" in that message he's going to know what i've attempted doing.


I'm in a world of SHYTE! If he sees that. Does any one know how to get rid of this message?

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I think i have chickened out.... Every half hour or so, mcaffee pops up saying the same freakin thing! I'm getting so frustrated ](*,)


It keeps saying now, that it has detected a keylog trojan virus in C files/system volume file! It's from that keylogger i tried downloading lastnight i guess. I don't know how to remove this message from my computer before he gets home.


When he sees "keylog" in that message he's going to know what i've attempted doing.


I'm in a world of SHYTE! If he sees that. Does any one know how to get rid of this message?



I told you to becareful with specific KL software you download.

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hey there!!!


You should be able to disable it in mcafee..... I'll check right now and write down the steps!



ARGH, all I can think of is to turn OFF the active shield and see if that works. Under Mcafee security center (red icon, not the blue), go under "virus scan", then "configure VirusScan Options" and uncheck everything. Let it run for awhile, and see if it picks it up!


OH OH! Unless when it finds the file, you can put it on the ignore list from there! That might work!

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Okay, when I downloaded it with run, Mckafee caught it, I ran the program right from the site instead of downloading, when the program came up, McK came up again, I clicked the ignore button for the file, then the install came up.....

When I was done the install, another McK window came up, ignore button again...


Now it's running..... la la la, it's logging what I'm writing now, lol


Doing a virus scan now..... nothing so far...... and DONE! Nothing! All good.


I'd have to say erase everything, and try again doing what I just did, seemed to work like a charm!


I even checked the file, it logged alllllllllllllll

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Why does this sound sooooooooooo familiar???LOL!!! I am literally going throught the same EXACT situation....pregnancy and all! I am having my boyfriends first baby. He's very suspicious and secretive when he logs in the computer and I believe he is talking to his ex girlfriend on the computer as well. I saw an e-mail from her and it was nothing really but I know the 2 of them have been involved in a *cheating* encounter on me last year. He flew all the way to cali, mothers day weekend and just 2 days after I misscarried with our first child....can you believe that? I still think he is dealing with her in some way even though he spends the majority of his time with me. Am I paranoid or could something really be up? I am now in the process of getting several nanny cams in my house and a key logger. He has a work cell phone and I can't check his phone bill so I don't know if he's talking to her on the phone but I can only assume he may be IF he's contacting her via internet.

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Wow, I know how you are feeling! :sad: Especially with the ex gf. I went through the exact same thing last year. Except it was only a friendship, that i thought was something else. He insisted on the friendship, because the way he lost her, he lost everything. His bestfriend if 18 years, his career, and the witch. He wanted to be a bigger person and forgive at least one of them, salvage at least something from those 8 years of his life.. He forgave her, because in the end, she didn't lie about the affair, and his best friend did.


But i couldn't and wouldn't have it. Because in the beginning of our relationship, he cheated on me, a few times, and ended up leaving me to try to get her back. When he got her, he realized he had fallen in love with me, and choose me instead.


But last year, he still wanted friendship. I couldn't take it, fearing that he'd leave me for her again, or that the flame that burned for her, would would ignite, on a breeze and he'd fall back in love with her. We broke up because of it. He realized that no friendship was worth losing me over. It took me just up until a second breakup, this past june to finally forgive him for all the hurt. Now that i've forgiven him, things have never been better. Except for this lack of sex... and the other things mentioned here.... But like i said, these things pale in comparison to the kind of problems that we had last year, or even in the beginning of this year. Regardless, of how small they seem in my eyes, I still would like to solve them.

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I can't believe how many people will spy on their partners. Sickening to be honest. I hope you all feel terrible!


wow, I can't believe that you actually posted that...


Frankly, in my humble opinion, if one doesn't have anything to hide, one shouldn't worry about being "spied" on. Sometimes when you have a strong gut feeling that you are being lied to, it helps to dig down and find the real truth.


Again, just my humble opinion..

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Delete Mcaffe. Unless you are downloading all sorts of crap onto your computer you should be safe enough to briefly run without it.


Just dont troll a bunch of porn sites, or download from peer to peer programs


Yes, I thought of this yesterday. Could I just disable it for a few days? I'm not planning on keeping the keylogger on, I just want to figure tings out and then delete it after a few days. Maybe a week.

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Well, I have installed a keylogger all lastweek. So far, all he's been doing in the mornings before work is masturbating to porn. Checks his email, which his only contacts are family and myself.


My gut is still screaming at me though. I think that he's so careful about the computer because he knows i am computer savy. He also knows that i'm suspicious.


I called him out a few weekends ago, in the middle of a fight. He called me delusional. He said things to me that made me want to off myself.


In the end, after two days of not being able to look at him, he came to me and asked me "You don't really think i could cheat on you could you?" Over and over again.


But, i've caught him watching things where he's asked me the same thing. "you don't really think i would watch that kind of horrible thing, do you honey?" he said, in a incredulous disgusted way. ~ Yet I know, for a fact that he does, i replied with a "oh, honey no of course not. That is sick". Before I installed the logger, and knew that he was viewing such stuff.


So what should i do now? VVR?

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