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emergency protection order and women !!!!!!!

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Why does women use this against men i went to court yesterday for a epo violation i sent the ex a rose and a teddy bear on aug 18th she went to the court and got the epo violation went to court yesterday i got 6 months in county jail but probated she got 5 days in county jail but probated i have never never laid a hand on her gave gave and gave to no avail i love this woman so much but she lied in court said she hadnt talked to me since april but guess what i had call detail on her cell that i was paying for she called 32 times in the month of may had the epo since may 3th proved to court she also violated the order i even told the judge i even slept with her once in june and three times in july which i did she came to my birthday party in july1st and i took her out to eat on hers which is july the 7th in aug she told me she was pregnant by her landlord and was going to marry him see my earlier post link removed

my lawyer asked if she was pregnant by me she said no her friend the landlord was there not to run anyone down this guy is obesed about 5 11 400 lbs and sells cocaine and has hud houses which she lives in one.

anyway she lied about them getting married and about being pregnant why just to hurt me or pi**ed off ?i have not called since aug 9th i was 375 miles away in indiana i live in ky i got down and sent the rose and flower to her then the law showed up at my fathers house in ky with the show cause for the epo violation the judge was mad a both of us he told her that it was deplorable what she did he signed a order to protect her and she was sleeping with me he told her she would do the 5 days and i would do the 180 days if we showed back up in his court but this has gone on since the first of may all the time she said she wouldnt never turn me in for contacting her yea right!!!he said this was for two more years i guess this does help with the no contact idea which i should have followed any way i turned my cell phone off and gonna move back to indiana and nooooo more contact she told me back in may not to call her anymore and to go on with my life then i month later she calls me in indiana and says how is this working on our relationship was she playing me since may here it is 0ct what a idiot ive been !!! love is a thin line between love and hate i love her but just dont understand why she did this to me she is so pretty to me and i think about her still as i write this!!i just cant understand why i cant hate her as she does me!! im 44 she is 33 she has a two year old boy and a 8 yr old girl i have never had any kids i wished i had im a only child and after living with a three month old yes he only 3 months old and changing diapers and doing the daddy thing i miss for sure!!do you think i was a rebound ? her ex he was a married guy with six kids and wanted nothing to do with her and his kid a shame for sure!what about the landlord is it money and the free house what do you guys think!!keep me in your prayers i need all the help i could use!!! she was trying her hardest to put me in jail i still do not understand it i must me narrow minded for sure what i did to loose the love she said she had for me thanks for your comments>ps i filed a small claims case against her for the van i bought her i paid 1500.00 she said she would pay for it with income tax nothing was paid my case come up nov 4th could this be revenge for asking for the van money.she kept everything washer and dryer living room suite dinette set computer and 17 inch lcd monitor with only 12 months of living together plus a nice van!!! i told her i didnt get nothing she said you got memories!!real funny huh!!

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I don't know what you would really sue her for. Perjury is a criminal offense, not a civil one. You would have to get the district attorney to prosecute and they almost never do for perjury. Its too difficult to prove the case.


I hate to say it, but people lie in court ALL THE TIME. If everyone told the truth our justice system would work great. Every case would be decided on its true merits. Instead everyone lies. The parties lie, the lawyers lie, the witnesses lie. It becomes a case of trying to figure out who is telling the truth. So bad things happen to good people all the time because they go up against someone who is a good lier.


Don't contact this woman again. Ever. If she tries to contact you then give her your lawyers number. Then start your healing process - without her around. Otherwise, as you've already seen, if you go up against her you are going to get screwed. She is an evil lier. Keep telling yourself that over and over.

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