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Going to in-laws need advice

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here's the situation. 10 days prior to returning from Iraq my wife told me she had feelings for someone else. i came back went on leave to be try to work things out. didn't work. she left me for this guy and i've tried to maintain minimal contact sor the last month. well, my wifes grandma is coming here from germany and I promised that i would come down there. obviously while i'm down there i'm going to run into here. what am i supposed to do. should i try to hold my feelings for her in and try not to talk to her. I don't know I still love her. any advice would be appreciated thank you

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Follow your heart, see if hers has changed, and see if you can talk to her, ALONE. If the situation becomes too aquard or heated, pay your respects and exit stage left. Don't make the problem between you too and issue for everyone else. Be strong and you'll make it through.

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