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My boyfriend of only 2 months cheated on me with ex


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My boyfriend of only 2 months cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend. I actually caught him basically red-handed. Here's my pathetic story:


He told me he was having friends come in from out of town for 3 days and that he would be busy with them and see me on Sat (after 3 days). I thought it to be a bit odd since it was supposed to be another couple that were visiting him. He wasn't just gonna hang out with the guys and do the guy thing. So, I kept busy during the 3 days but each day, something in the back of my mind bothered me. I called him Friday night to see if his company left (although I knew they were leaving Sat) and to just say hi and invite him for dinner Sat. Well, he was very quick and short on the phone like he couldn't speak. I of course got upset and mad and asked him why he couldn't spare 5 minutes. Well, after not getting any answers from him except "I'll call you tomorrow", I then asked him who was really over. I said, is it a girl? I bet you have an exgirlfriend with you or something. He just said again, I'll call you tomorrow and then hung up the phone and unplugged it so I couldn't call back!!


I was devasted. I had to know what the hell was going on. So, I got a friend of mine and went over to the bastards house to see for myself. I was not going to wonder all night, I had to see what the truth was. I went over there and since he has a studio apt. I could see his bed thru the door. I knocked on the door which was open and saw him in bed with her. He got out of bed naked and then said how unbelievable it was for me to do this. He next said these words that have been haunting me everyday since: "I love this woman (pointing to the woman in the bed) and I have always loved her and still love her and I'd leave you in a heartbeat if she'd take me back." With that, I just shockingly turned and walked away. I was shocked and devastated!


The next day he came calling and apologized and tried to explain that this ex-girlfriend who lives in another state had planned on visiting him since 4 months ago (before we got together) and had a plane ticket since then too. He said he had to resolve his feelings for her and since she won't move to where he lives and he won't move to her state, they are just not going to be together. He said he made a bad choice and huge mistake, etc. He said he wants only me and a 2nd chance. Other then this incident, everything has been great with him. I'm 33 and he's 44. I thought the age difference would help and nothing like this would happen with a man like that. Boy was I wrong. He told me he'd go to the doctor and get checked out since he slept with her without protection. He said he'd prove to me I'm the only one. I want to believe him, I honestly do but I'm so afraid. I don't want to be anyone's 2nd choice.


Does anyone out there think I should give him a 2nd chance if this other woman is out of the picture? [/b]

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I just can not stop myslef from replying your post!!!

Taking him back ?Are you out of your mind? This is gonna happen again! You are still young, so many good men there waiting for you .Don't take his s**t. You have to Love and Respect Yourself, think again what you have been through...i am glad that you find out in 2 months...if you find in 2 years..its gonna hurt more and more difficult to let go!


Take care

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It's sad to say that you were just a rebound. I feel the exact same way, my girlfriend and I broke up after 2 years, and I'm pretty devastated over the whole thing. I haven't been single in 4 years, and it's hard to deal with not having a companion. My first instinct would be to go and find another girl, but I refuse to do that simply because I would be put in this exact situation. It sucks that it has to happen to you, but I can feel for the guy too, even though he made very poor judgement in deciding to pursue another relationship. I wouldn't take him back, you were only together 2 months, and he did cheat on you. That is bad enough, but I can't blame the guy for being in love, because I feel the exact same way. Although I choose to handle it differently. I won't date another girl until I'm sure that I'm over my ex, and that her and I have no chance of ever being together again. Unfortunately this happens to a lot of people, and it's not fair.

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