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Help need advice! I think ive fallen in love with my freind

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Hi i was just wondering if anyone had any advice or comments.

I have a problem i might be in love with my friend. Me and this girl met through two of our frineds and they tried hooking us up together and they told us lies about things. After a while me and this girl became really really close and talked all the time about everything and anything. The closeset ive been to any girl since me and my ex broke up almost 2 years ago. This girl had been through a really bad realationship but then finally got away. As i said we got really close and she started to have feelings for me and i started to have feelings for her. One day we were talking and i found out she had a boyfriend who was gone right now in the armyshe had been going out with him for a month and then he went to the army. Then we met and started getting really close and were together everyday almost 24/7. As i said our friends lied to us and never told me about her boyfriend and told her i knew about him which i didnt or i owuld have never got so close to her. So if it wasent for her i would have never known but shes the most honest girl i have ever met in my life and thanks to her i foudn out everything that was going on including that she had this boyfriend. But she started to like me and i liked her and she kept saying that she was all confused now and dont know what to do and that she would make a choice by december when he came back from the army for good. We got so close and along with our frinds trying to force her to go with me and not him even though it dindt matter because it didnt matter what they said we liked each other a lot anyway. But finally she went on a trip last week to see him graduate basic training out of state. When she came back she said she had made her decison and it was to stay with him because when she was down there she thought about him and it hit her that her feelings for him were stronger but she was with him a month and with me bascially for 3 months and she still likes me and i like her but shes gonna stay with him and tells me that if we were meant to be together then it would happen somehow sometime and now we still hang out but not as much because im trying to stay waway more so we arent so close but when im away i think about her constintly and shes always on my mind and i feel really depressed like i broke up with my girlfriend or something and she said she feels like she broke up with a boyfriend to. We still talk about it and stuff. I basically i feel like im in love with her and im not sure if i am but i sure feel like it. I dont know what to do and i dont want to tell her but mabie i should. What do you think? and what should i do???

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I feel like you should always be straight forward with your feelings, and then if she doesn't like it you can do better. Like she said if it were meant to be then somehow it will happen. Don't fall in the trap of being kept on a string, and her wanting to be around you when her bf is not around. That only messes your head up, and makes you even more depressed than you are now. Find something that makes you happy, and pursue it. If it is her then tell her, and then if she still doesn't want to hook up with you then move on, and don't stay in that depressing hole. If you do that will wind up making you miserable, and possibly sick. Been there done that, and it isn't cool. Live one day at a time, one hour at a time, and one second at a time.


Hope I helped some.

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