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is it bad to e-mail a girl your feelings for her ?


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hey there thx for clicking , ok so i know her over the internet she is about 3 hours away , i really like her but am soooo shy i've tried to be brave and ask her but the most i said was "i really enjoy talking to you" after that i almost hurled up lunch , so it didnt go to well , so i was wondering would it be a bad idea to ask via e-mail im new in the internet dating scene so any tips on that would also be very apreaciated, thx for reading

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Hi Carbine !


Since you are developing an internet relationship - it would be considered normal to express these feelings via electronic means ! You could of course get her phone number and give her a ring - ask her for it maybe and see what she says - (if you haven't already).


Good luck !

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It's not a bad means, but it ain't the greatest either. You should still be careful with this. It kind of depends on how long you've known her, and if she likes you. This can be hard to figure out online though, it's all so difficult online, i've been there several times. However if you have known her for a while, i'd say try to get her phone number, have some talks over that. And maybe after a while meet in real life, see if you still like her as much then (people tend to be different real life then online) if you had fun togheter on that meeting. SHe will most likely not mind a repeat performance, if that happens. Good. Maybe then you can move on telling her you like her a lot.


But i truly wouldn't go for it by e-mail unless she lives on the other side of the ocean for example. THat really limits the choices you have, but 3 hours is doable. If you ask me.

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