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another email from the ex. how do i respond?

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my ex emailed me a week ago, i emailed her back a few days later, and she emailed me back yesterday (friday). here're the emails (listed chronologically). can u tell me what you think of it? i responded to her first email in a friendly, non-personal way. she broke up with me 9 months ago. it's the latest email she sent me that has me confused. especially with how she signed it. oh and she has a boyfriend - the same guy she was talking to when her and i were together. i'm 24 and she's 21. "snoogly booges" is a nickname of the dog her and i got together while we were together. (names have been changed to protect the innocent)


DATE: September 26th, 2003

SUBJECT: hello


hey! not sure if this is still your email but i thought it was worth a shot. how are you? i havent talked to you in a while so i thought i would write to say hi. now that i am back in school (started today ) i have access to email which is way easier for me to keep in contact with everyone. how is the family? mine is good and so is leilee. she is back to normal now after her surgery and she even got groomed after. she is just the little princess. but we already knew that...she takes after her mother. anyway, i am taking sociology, psychology, philosophy and body conditioning. all of the ologies! pretty easy quarter but i need it to get back on track so that i can buckle down and get done with school. i still dont know what i want to do with my life but i do know that i am done with spanish. i dont really care about learning it anymore so that pretty much knocks out being a spanish teacher. i was thinking about being a high rise window washer or an underwater basket weaver but im keeping my options open. i have tonight and tomorrow off so i am going to be spending some time with my mother. hopefully things will go well. maybe we'll go and visit my grandparents...i havent seen them in a while. anyway, write soon, if this even gets to you.




DATE: September 30th, 2003



hey. my family and i are doing well. i've been busy with work and advancing further into real estate. i've got a couple web pages up (link removed and link removed - still working on this one) and i work on my other business (Pacific Bio) when i can. i already looked into to an underwater basket weaving graduate program, but it sounded way too intense. u doing the modelling thing still? i'm gonna join another baseball team in SC. i'm just waiting for the league to provide more info about it. there's this giants commercial with lou seal in it doing a funny dance. my whole family laughs when it comes on. it's really funny. anyway, give snoogly booges a big kiss from her daddy. hope you and your family are doing well. talk to you later.






DATE: October 3rd, 2003




hey dood.


nice sites, but is illinois really a hot spot? lol....just kidding, no really though they lood nice. i am proud of you...not that you need that. anyway, not doing the modeling thing at the moment...soon though. i need to get the ZED card printed and just send them out. just need the funds. soon i hope. i already feel pretty behind in school, probably because i dont have my books yet. we'll see how the quarter goes. work is good. i emailed rachel and she said that when she moves back down here she might transfer to my work. that would be pretty cool dont ya think? erin, my cousin, applied to work there too. the managers are going to interview him sometime this week i hope. i dont know. i think working with family will be weird dont you? well...tell everyone i said hello. snoogly boogly misses you. she is soooooo spoiled ya wouldnt believe. shes just a princess!!! like her mother anyway, hear from you soon.






so what do you all make of it? i want to write her back, but i'm not sure what kind of tone i should take. write one like i did before or go a little more personal? i still care for her and would like to one day work things out and give it a second try. the thing is that she has a boyfriend - the same guy she was talking to while we were together, but she doesn't know i know this. i'm also unsure as to what the whole "love, me" part is about. any ideas? thanks and sorry for the long message.

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Hmm well,


Firstly write back , i mean she does sound like she cares about you and wants to know how you are doing and stuff (thats good)


as for the love u part well dont look to much into it .. just sign it normal no love and stuff unless she keeps signing it later on then u can go on and sign more personally


goden rule ; if u have a doubt let the other person clarify it


basically she cares about you , but it could be as someone as a best friend ... the thing is that she has some body there as a bf so dont go around thinkin that she wants you in that manner


best thiing dont make much out of it accept that she cares about you and your opinion matters a lot to her , which means she respects you very important if u want to have a future relationship with her


so just write back as if you care and nuthin else dont show to much emotion casue that will only make you vulnerable


good luck

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