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The end of an all time bad timing relationship, or is it?

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Grab a beer/coffee kick up your feet and get ready for a soap opera for this. I'm currently 20, shes 18. We started dating in November of last year. Now its a small town and we've been on off friends for 4 years and just decided to give it a go. Well, she always hated the guy I was, and loved they guy she know I could be. The guy she hated was the immature guy who like porn and though about sex all the time, the me she met 4 years ago. The guy she knows I could be is the one that is loving, caring, loves to have fun and all that good stuff. Anyways.....she waited and waited and we went through a lot for me to finally be that guy. I gave up a lot for her, my free time, a lot of my friends, opposite sex friends, just to show her that I was that guy. I hid the whole watching porn thing from her, what guy doesnt watch it? Well, for some stupid reason I hung onto it cause it really was that little private thing I still had, well she would always get offended and hurt by it and ignore everything i had already given up by concentrating on that one thing. So things were rocky at best. We started to drift apart and I needed time to think things over and test my feelings for her. I went out and hung out with a female friend, didnt feel right and that was the end. She had suspicions that I did, I kept it from her cause it held no importance to me and she'd flip out anyway. Well, I came clean and told her and after that it was no holds barred and she contacted her ex of three years and hung out with him. Well, his motorcycle was parked in her driveway when she was supposed to be inside doing work for her college class, I found where she was downtown and confronted her. It turned into a pretty big argument and amongst it all, I threw her car keys on the roof of a single story video store and left. 3 Hours later the local police station calls and says they have to arrest me for stealing her keys, under a mandated new york state domestic law. So I went through all that and a temporary order of protection was placed on me, against both our wishes. Well we continued to see eachother and the next night we were parked in her car joking and getting along when her battery goes dead, no problem, well a sherriff just happens to drive by and sees me with the hood open and asks if everything is ok. She asks for id's and sure enough there is the order. She had to take me in again and charge me with criminal contempt for violating the order. Although it was fine with the 2 of us, the state takes it seriously. Well this put a lot of emotional stress on an already rocky relationship. After several times of giving up, she kept coming back after she swore it would never work. Currently we're broken up but she still continues to be asll close and flirty with me and would be upset if there was another girl involved. However, her and her friend continue to visit these 2 guys when her friend initiates the visit so she can have fun with this guy, his friend puts the moves on my girl. Well, she kisses him and decides its a bad idea, so she says. Meanwhile I'm waiting around for this girl. After all the legal stuff cleared, there was still a mandated harassment order of protection where I cant harass her. We both laugh at the thing however, I'm scared she's going to hold it over my head and blacknail me with it. Shes quick to be pissed off and does stupid things when she does and I dont want to be put in the position to be in legal trouble. However, when I leave her alone...she flips out and gets jealous and I'm scared she'll just blow up one day and do something legally that cant be reversed by saying "oops sorry hun" What would you all do? Sorry for the long post, just you need to hear the whole story. HELP! By the way, she called and asked me to come over tonight as I was writing this post. I have a feeling things will change when that order of protection is lifted and shes left powerless. Right now I cant make a move but suck up to her and give her what she wants while secretly, I'm working to get this last little legal thing gone. Please keep in mind that I had no prior criminal record other than the occasion exhaust ticket. This all snow balled on me in a month. Everything was thrown away but the order was mandated by the state. What can I do...?!?

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dont fell like your the only one i just did a week in big sandy regional jail in paintsville ky for contempt not showing up for a epo hearing which i hadnt even been served with oh well my lawyer said nothing could be done about it looks like false arrest to me.but it was throwed out she said she wanted me to leave her alone duh just sleep with her in july (the Ex)and she had the epo from april i think its a control issue for alot of women not trying to be mean ladies i know all women is not the same just my pick lately has not been the greatest choice ive made in life lol!! and getting to old for this sh**! 44 yrs old and first time in jail but i tried to do the no contact thing i would last about a month then i would call like a idiot!! it will be two months oct 9th since ive called i had a private call last week on my cellphone they listened then hung up i think it was her so i turned it off so i cant fall back into to the games she played for six months i feel alot better i still think about her but not as much!!!there is light and the no contact is really right for me!!oh by the way the epo violation i sent her a flower and teddy bear wow i violated her lol!!!!anyway listen it will get better just put it in your mind and listen to these same people thats having the same situation!! good luck and stay positive!!

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Walking a line with the law and love is a deadly thing.


You are right on your assumptions. If she has the history of acting without thinking then she might be quite able of using that against you.


For that you should be extra careful with dealing with this woman. Love can get you into all kinds of trouble that can haunt a person's entire life.


Take you time with this decision.

Good luck to you.

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