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right, i think its time to try this thread! to do with an ex :)

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Hi guys how is everyone today?! hope all is well anyway, right less just keep it real short for this bit:


1) ex split up about 2 months ago, various reasons not cos she doesnt like me..


2) she has a new boyfriend, people see this weird cos they just dont seem right and dont fit.... they seem to be peaking already aswell, to be honest, hes isnt anything i wanst, ive been told this too...oh he was a friend...


3)i'm on no contact atm... i made it clear i want to be friends...and it makes me happy being friends... she didnt like this lol i wonder why... and that i have come to terms..

also didnt respond to this... so i left it at that...


4) i still love her... and i still think nothign is impossible, i'm a passionate kind of guy and i am being positive now, i miss her and appreciate our time but i will and can awe her again... : - )


5) lets jjust say she awlays stares at me when she thinks i wont be able to tell... like when she is kissing her boyfriend hahah yes i know... and when shes leaving the room, or thinks im looking away... i have good periferal vision ..


6) im keeping up the no contact for about a week more... ive made my ground clear to her before the contact with the whole i love being friends etc... it confuses her lol but i also made clear that i havent done anything wrong now and im not going to take all the blame anymore.. i also said that i understand she is seeking justification... oh ye!


she also kept randomly telling me she over me and tht he's not the rebound guy... ??? she also kept telling me we can never be back together... then she reconsidered it and that same day a 'mate' messed everything up for me.... urgh... anyway....


im going to give her the eyes(look) she feel for and only look at her once and then dont look back but with the look i won her over with...


give it time she may talk to me but if she doesnt i'll approach her while shes with her boyfriend and talk to her in a friendly manner yes it will get her confused... she'll think i wont have the balls to do that and then where do i go from there and what else should i do? cheers guys....



im stating that one problem was we were too intense but i want a fun loving relationship like it wa sin the first place and i am proving this by actions im not trying to play mind games im just trying to remind her of what shes lost and help myself be thought of anyway take care everyone!



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wow, u are sure ready to play games with this girl. shows u really like her. i'd just move on man. or flat out get her back if you want to be with her. don't play these eye games, etc. that's childish and rude to the other guy. would you want some guy doing this to your girl behind ur back?

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thing is, theyre not games it's just me flirting, i was with her for 10 months, i do really like her... and he pretty much did that to me.. so you know... but also its not as if guys dont flirt with non single girls is it now? lol


yeah, but i think most guys flirt with girls that they think are single. not ones they absolutely know are not.

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what if i still believe there is a chance, to bring back what we had which was beautiful, and also what if not only me was questioning whether something is not right about them.... anyway as i said im on nc at the moment this is just me looking to the future..., im not going to force anything, i'm just planning on being her friend and being visible to her again and come out of this hide out...i think she still has feelings for me... why would she stare at me all the time, then act weird when i catch her starring and stare at me while kissing someone else?

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i understand how you feel. but you also have to understand to have respect for her and her relationship. let them do their thing. if they split, make your move and try and fix what you had. if you think she still has that interest, act like you don't care. she might come around more if you do that. but don't try and do all this game play stuff.

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your right... i suppose it doesnt help when looking through a friends photos of a party that in the background was them getting it on.. ouch lol ah well... your right thanks


eesh. why don't you stop hanging out where she does? maybe your feelings for her will fade. it sounds more like you are jealous cause you are seeing all of this happening.

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