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  1. A couple I know dated for 3 years. Last March she moved in with him but relationship was already on the rocks. After a month they break up and she goes back home. Its on - off for the next few months and June they break up again. Fast forward to last October and they got back together after about a total of 6 months. They are still together.
  2. Happened to a guy at work..... Got married - his wife wanted kids and he didnt They broke up and he moved out. 8 months later his wife called him and spoke and told him listen come home, lets have a kid, if it works out great, if not leave and I will take care of baby alone. Goes home, they have baby and 15 years later still together and happy!
  3. Twice I have dreamt of ex funerals. The first on was within a week of breaking up and I woke up with the feeling fully aware that our relationship was over and never ever going to come back. The second one I dreamt of his funeral a month ago - after being split up for a year and a half! - This guy I have truly loved, missed and wanted all this time even now, even though I have dated in between, tried to reason, hate use logic everything to move on. When I dreamt of his funeral a month ago, I took it to mean that like the first time it happened with a previous ex I had finally detached
  4. How do you this when you work occassionally with your ex??? Its been a year and a half since the break up and throug work we are in touch every few weeks and sometimes I also feel my ex used it as a tool to get in touch. What do you do if it appears your ex wont be coming back?? He can hardly miss me!
  5. Girl met boy when she was 15 at private lessons. After the first time she saw him she asked her friend about him was introduced and they dated, he was her first boyfriend. That lasted 6 months and they broke up. Fast forward 12 years and they meet again at 27, date and got married last year!
  6. They were together 2 years, and then spent 2 years apart and now back together and expecting link removed
  7. oh and Nicole Sherzinger and Lewis Hamilton broke up last year and are back together now.
  8. Even though after a year and a half my ex still hovers in my life and there is absolutely no hope for a recon I wanted to give hope to those who have a chance with these two stories... 1. Guy and girl went out and broke up. Both moved on with their lives and lost touch. 5 years later the girl moves to another town into a new apartment. Coincidentally her ex is living in the same block of flats, meet up, get together, happily married. 2. Guy and girl went out and broke up. Both move on and marry other people. Both become widowed. They coincidentally reconnect after many years and
  9. Heard this story this afternoon.... Couple went out for 4 years both living in Dubai. They couldnt agree on where to live - he wanted to move back to New Zealand where he is from and she wanted to move back to Europe where she is from. He leaves her - she goes back to Europe, he goes back to New Zealand. No Contact for 7 months. Then he sends her a 5 page letter saying she is the love of his life, will live anywhere with her and wants to see her. She is very hesitant to see him, not sure she wants him back but meets him. They get back together, 6 months later proposes, moves
  10. This is a short lived get back together. My friend was with her guy for 3 years. Moved all the way to Australia to be with him to marry etc. However things are not working out and they break up and she moves the other side of the world. Two months pass and all of a sudden calls her up, crying wants to see her. Next day hops on a plane, shows up New Years EVe to be with her and that week he proposes to her. Things is by May they had finished again and this time its for real. Poor friend was due to be married in 3 weeks so its not easy at the moment but he came back all the way from t
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