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  1. I'm not sure how common it is, but I sure do know that my girl does tries to stop a million times until I finally climax. She says that its an autonomic reactions, and that she really doesn't want to stop its just that its very intense stimulation. I usually tell her to "breath" and to "work through it baby", and she's ok. It is a sure sign that you're getting it real good though dawg!(lol)
  2. Ok, I already know some nobody is going to believe me and I really don't care. For me a quickie is about 10 minutes. For me its more about pleasing the lady i'm having sex with as opposed to just getting my rocks off. The more frequent she orgasms, the more excited I get. The wilder she is with her orgasm, the more excited I get. A "low moaning, eyes rolling to the back of her head then close her eyes girl" doesn't excite me as much as a "oh my god, oh s*#t girl!" does. When she gets louder and breathes much harder I get very excited. Now if she was talking mad junk about how I couldn't handle it then, I will make it my business to make her cum for as many time and as long as possible. I just enjoy watching a women cum, it is the ultimate ego booster.
  3. There is a very wonderful lady in my life, we were friends before, but we have become so much more. At this time my life is very tumultuous, i'm handling a great deal of adversity at this time, and i'm not always the image of positivity. I'm trying to follow my dreams, facing setback, and still holding down a job, well until last friday. I as a man, i'm not the pillar of strength that I should be at this time, yet she is sticking by my side through all of this. My concern is that, her life isn't a bed of roses either, I don't want add any additional strain to her life. I don't feel comfortable showing my vulnerability with her, but she knows when something is wrong, so I can't hide it unless I stay away from her. She doesn't prohibit me from doing anything, she is in no way holding me back from doing anything. My feeling is that I'm too incomplete to be with her now. I'm not used to genuinely caring for anyone this much, nor having anyone stick by me like this, i'm used to fair weather friends. I just don't know if I should be alone and handle my situation, or really let her into my life under these circumstances. I just want to hear some other points of view besides my own.
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