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  1. Does anyone else have any advice? Can men and women truly be best friends without developing feelings for each other? I guess you can say our friendship is strong emotionally and spiritually. I am always on his mind, he said, and does not want anything bad to happen to me. I think about him too and like his personality. I told him I fear that I will lose him. He told me we will always be together.
  2. BorntoResist, I tried distancing myself but I felt compelled to come back. If I had been gone too long, he would have brought a search party for me! And I'm not joking. He cannot imagine not hearing from me.
  3. I think I am in love with my best friend. (I am 21, he is 22) I have known him for almost four years now. He has been dating his current girlfriend for six years. This is going to sound like a love triangle: We are different personalities but share many similar values. There is a strong emotional bond between us. It's so hard to explain but it feels so good. We have similar interests and can finish each other sentences!! We can sense each other's presense even if we're hundred of miles apart. Time can pass by and we could care less as long as we were together. He told me that he loves me like a sister and he can talk about ANYTHING around me. He feels like he has known me FOREVER. We share advice together. We help each other in need. We think about each other. There is a lot of attraction. That's what he likes so much about our friendship. Few weeks ago, I decided I would distance myself away from him because I cannot love him when he's already in a committed relationship. Yet when I left town for several days, his girlfriend called me saying he's very depressed and very worried about me. When I came back home, he at the last minute ditched his buddies so that he could spend more time with me. He told me he had an empty, scary feeling: I had become a part of his life, and he does not want to lose it because it is too special to him. If anything bad had happened to me, he would have lost a part of his soul. I wanted to cry because I could not tell him I love him. I do not want to ruin their relationship especially since they are both engaged. People have noticed he and I are very close emotionally and spiritually. It might become too awkward as we get older. I cannot date him and I cannot leave him either. What should I do? Does he really love me back?
  4. The only reason he has not left his girlfriend is because we still communicate through AIM. I'm not sure he would want to be with me since I'm no where as physically attractive as she is. They look like a nice couple. But I know he feels like he can discuss anything with me. I'm his "best friend" and he respects me.
  5. Although I am only 21 years old, I feel like he is my soulmate. Mike* (pseudyonym to protect his identity) and I have known each other for almost four years now. We are so attracted to each other that we will do anything to spend time together. Although we do have our differences in terms of cultural background, we also share many similarities. We watch similar shows, read similar books, and love investigative works. He told me he feels like he can spend 24 days/7 weeks around me. We are able to compliment each other. He always seeks my advice and in return wants to protect me. He really cares a lot about me, and I like him. No matter what the topic is, we always find a way to have intelligent conversations. Unfortunately, he currently has a girlfriend. He's been dating her for six years. Despite this, he still tries to find time to see me daily. When I tried to distance myself from him, he grew only more depressed. He felt like a part of his soul disappeared and I came back to see a happy Mike hugging me. He loves me like a a sister he told me. Does he have confused feelings or am I only just a 'best friend' to him? He has no problem sharing secrets with me and our companionship is pure non-sexual although he does find me somewhat attractive physically. We are just attracted to each other. Is he really my soulmate???
  6. So, does the guy really like me based upon his behavior? He usually likes to tease me and smile a lot.
  7. For the past two years, I've noticed that this man has always smiled and teased me. We can be in the classroom together, and maybe 50% of the time, he glances at me. He has complimented me with cutesy names and gestures. The downside is that he's not physically handsome and he's of a different culture. Does he like me? What should I do?
  8. Al7, that's kinda mean. Once they have the kids, women EXPECT men to contribute SOMETHING whether fatherly love OR financial! lol
  9. Hey everyone: how many here want a BF/GF but you just never found that person? Or like me, never had the time to go on a date??
  10. Does anyone get anxiety over someone you like to the point you just turn and run away from that person? That has happened to me so many times. Ahhh!!
  11. I agree with Scout. What those women did to you was awful. I know I prefer taller men when I go on dates (i'm 5'9" tall), but I wouldn't mind going out with a guy shorter than me. Many of my best male friends are my height or shorter. Just scratch that memory out of your mind. Not all women are that cruel.
  12. Scout, you have just answered my question! THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have no idea how much it hurts me that once I tell guys I like them, they don't flirt anymore. So annoying!
  13. What about guys who are not rejected by women, but then all of a sudden don't know how to act around women anymore and cry when the women leave them for other men? Men: don't just stop 'flirting' just cause you got the woman. You become boring and annoying. We women like excitement and compatbility, but definitely unpredictable behavior.
  14. There is nothing wrong with women picking their men. There are more men between the ages of 25 and 45 than women in this society, SO OF COURSE, women will strictly choose their men. There's an abundance of you men. But what I don't understand is why 1) men will flirt with you 2) stop flirting with you once they get to know you 3) girl gets upset 4) girl leaves the man for being stiff and scared.
  15. Guys, guys, guys....I understand all the emotions falling down your cheeks like tears. But, as a girl, I HATE making the first move. When a guy shows interest in me, I take notice, confront him and flirt around, and guess what? HE ACTS LIKE he doesn't want to flirt back anymore. What the hell? Granted, he is on the unattractive side (no offense, but at least I gave him a chance. man has a sense of humor.) What is he thinking? He's happy to see me but doesn't want to make any moves anymore. I get annoyed, bored and leave. When I walk away, he tries to think of some quick conversational thoughts before I completely disappear on him. Enlighten me here, guys.
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