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Thread: How Do I Talk Ho Her

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    How Do I Talk Ho Her

    I'm a freshman in highschool. There's this sophomore girl in my French class and she is very pretty. I have a crush on her. I want her so badly but at the same time I don't want her without knowing her on the inside. I really want to get to know her but I am super shy and I just cannot make myself randomly just go up to her. During class, I look at her every so often. Sometimes she catches me I think. This just makes things akward. Please help me! Thanks :)

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    Can you connect on social media and start some small talk about your classes, school etc to break the ice? Stop staring, it's creepy and will put her off. Smile, say hi, etc. but do not just stare.

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    I don't really have any other classes with her and I don't know her social media. She's also pretty quiet in class. She laughs alot though. I don't know how that information will help though.

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