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I want my ex g/f back, anyone have advice or success stories

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Me and my ex were together for a year and we were deeply in love. It was the best year in my whole life. We talked about marrage and kids and said we'd be together forever. Just a week ago she decided that she didn't love me as a boyfriend anymore, just as a best friend. She still says she wants to be by my side forever, but just as friends. I've read some of the other posts on this site that are related to what I'm asking, and basically they say to not call your ex at all or hang out with her and eventually she will realize what she lost and come back to you, or you will just get over her over time. But my ex still loves me, just not in love with me, and she still wants to hang out with me and talk to me. So should I try to avoid her? I really want her back so bad. Also if anyone has any success stories of how they got their ex back I would like that very much.



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I am in the same situation, so let me tell you that you are going to have to leave her alone until she wants to try to make things work out. If you hang out with her, you are going to get very frustrated because you will expect more from her than what she is willing to give you. This can make things very hard on you especially if she desires to date other guys. Imagine seeing your love going out with other guys? I dont think you want to see that and I think the healing process would be much delayed if you decide to be her friend. I think you need cut your losses and tell her that because you love her so much you must let her go. She is moving on so she needs to respect that you will too. Tell her that one day when you are healed and over the relatioship that you would like to be friends again but for now there are too many emotions that are involved. Plus, if you really want her to come back, she needs to miss you first. She cannot miss you when you see and talk to her on a daily basis. Give her a month to herself, even if she calls dont answer and dont reply to her emails. Usually girls start realizing what they lost after a month or two for some reason. It may even take another man in her life to realize that you were good to her. My ex dumped me for a guy that she moved in with 2 weeks after she dumped me. She told me that it was the dumbest misstake in her life and that she wishes I was still in her life. Unfortunately, I am not that vulnerable and I brushed her off. I told her she made the choices and now she has to live with them. I am a stronger person after she dumped me believe it or not. I am sure you will be too. Just give it time. If she really loves you will she will be back, if she doesnt, let her go. Good luck man



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