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update to girlfriend was raped and abused


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hi all, im sure some of you remember my thread a few weeks ago about my GF being raped and abused by her last bf and the issues it caused. for those new to the thread the original is titled Girlfriend was raped and abused.

so things have been going great for the two of us. shes happy to be with someone who cares about her and I still cant believe ive found someone so great. anyhow we've made alot of progress siince my last post and while we were hanging out the other day things were once again getting interesting and she mentioned afterwoulds that she thinks the only way to get over this is to push the limits further everytime. so we have been pusing the limits and it seems to be working real welll and while i have to take the lead usually i let her know that shes the one in control and always ask her if something is allright before i proceed. the other night i amazed her once again as i had about an hour and a half before i had to get ready for work and things were getting quite heated and she wanted to have sex. i told her that i would love to however we should have our first time when there isnt any time constraints. that we will set aside a day that we both have nothing and will spend the whole day together, grab lunch somewhere, go for a walk and just see where the day takes us. she of course loved this as it shows her that i really have thought about this. i figured i would just give you all an update, I understand that she will never be "cured" but maybe she can come to terms with what happened.

thanks all for your wonderful advice and for listening.

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thanks for all the support guys. i cant stand to see her sad and in fear and im just so happy that shes getting better. i know this is hard on her and its great that she trusts me so much. While i dont see any good from what happened i guess there is a positive, this whole thing has showed both of us that we really can trust eachother and i know that she looks at it as what happened can only make her stronger.

Oh, and dont let my caring maturity fool you. while i may be caring, ask my girl, im definatly not mature haha

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well just wanted to give yet another update on this. we celebrated 6 months a few weeks ago and its been going better then ever. we have been going strong and shes "over" most of her unwillingness and getting very adventurous with sex. she stillhas trouble going down on me because of her previouse relationship but shes getting better and wants to but just cant.

just figured i would fill all that are curiouse in .

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