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I'm feeling really lo today,the easter hoildays are upon us and I just feel soooo lonely!


I just can't help remembering back to this time last year where both of us went away together for the weekend made passionate love and were really into each other!


This year I'm on my own just going to the gym with my friend and having a driving lesson! In the back of my mind I just keep thinking of my ex and her new man having a weekend away doing the same if you know what I mean!


I know I have have the control to stop myself thinking like this, but its so HARD during the hoildays I'm going out and just seeing couples spending time together and it really SUCKS!!!!!


I wish I didn't WAKE up this morning I just feel so low!!!!!



Man it's been 2 and a bit mths since the breakup and I'm still feeling like this! I was only with her for 11mths and I would of thought I would of been over her by know but this is not the case!!!!! PLS help me I going insane

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Don't feel so bad! I was with my ex for 6 months and I am still not over her. 4 months out. Didn't help that we kept in contact tho lol. Time spent together does not mean a thing when it comes to the heart. When me and my ex of 5 years broke up I was fine. She called the next day to get back and I said no. I still loved her. I just didn't miss the relationship. Saying you wish you didn't wake up is not a good thing tho. I know it hurts but you should never let someone hurt you enough to make you want to miss out on a single day of YOUR LIFE! You might not want to wake up tomorrow but when you do there is a chance you might meet the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Keep your head up.

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I soo feel your pain. i wrote a very simmilar post yesterday. but don't worry, it's just a weekend ... once its over youll think ' i should taken all that free time and done something productive instead of moping around '..

so try to do someting. get yourself a massage...bake something, try a new recipe, try doing a yogal class, do your nails...just try to keep busy. good luck and keep posting if u feel lonely - your not the only one. easter sucks!

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