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Just curious, real or fake breasts, guys?


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I have fake ones. My guy likes em'. I wish I had developed real ones..but no such luck. So I bought them. They aren't really essential, just accessories. At my age too..after three kids..it is nice to have perky breasts. I know if they had been this size naturally when I was younger...at 41, after three kids they would be heading south.

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My boyfriend and all the guys I have dated and have known prefer real. Most of them told me a handful is plenty and any more would be too much. My boyfriend is a booty guy.


Some girls get fake booties. I inherited the bubble naturally from my gramma...you just don't hear too much about fake butt implants do you?

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I like small, natural breasts. My ex had very small breasts, but they were great.


A good friend of mine jumps (literally) at the chance to date a hot woman with fake breasts...he loves um. Not sure if that has anything to do with the fact that he's from NYC though.



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Every girl I have known who had small boobs before said their husband or boyfriend were booty men or some such other nonsense. Once they got implants their husband or boyfriend decided they were now boob men and all had that bug eye, slack jaw, babbling look on their faces when they first saw the new tatas.


So guys you are lying. 9 out of 10 guys like the big boobies. The 10th likes other other 9 guys.

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my fiancee is a boob man, and has said the whole "more than a handful is a waste" line to me...I don't think he cares if they're real or fake, as long as he has something to play with!


Unfortunately for me (lucky for him tho I guess), large chests run in my family. Hello, back trouble!

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I just like boobs. Big, small, in between, whatever!


I think the whole "more than a handful is a waste" is ridiculous. The last two girls I dated were both 34 DD's, natural, and none of that went to waste


I agree! "More than a handful" is just stupid! I have small hands...so like B cups would be perfect for my hands...that won't cut it! My girl is 34 DD (fake) and I love em!

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