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help, please!!


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So, basically there’s this guy at work and he likes me. Or at least he liked me. I was really wrapped up in other things when he tried to talk to me, so I kind of brushed him off and ignored him. I was nice to him when he spoke to me, but I wasn’t as nice as I could’ve been. Well after that I think he’s liked me still for about a year now actually. But I kind of started to like him too, a couple months ago, but I felt too awkward to go up to him and act like I never ignored him and try to start over. He gave a lot of signs that he liked me last month, but now one of my co-workers likes him. She liked him for a while before, but he didn’t turn her down, but he didn’t act either. But, now he’s talking to her a lot more, even though she initiates the conversation. But, it really hurts me because I like him now, and my co-worker knew that I also liked him before she did. I didn’t tell her, and she’s not exactly my friend, but we share the same friends, so one of my other friends told her. I’m really confused, I don’t know. Should I confront him? Her? Or, should I just get over him and move on and leave them alone?

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I think there is no point in confronting the other girl. Its not exactly a crime to like somebody. Even though she knows you like him too, you are not exactly friends so she doesn't owe you anything. Why not just talk to the guy? Give signs that you like him and see what happens. Although I should say I am not a big fan of office romances. I think they are ususally bad idea. If things don't work out, everythng becomes very awkward.

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Are you thinking you like him now, because someone else has shown interest and because he has shown interest in someone else.... I once had a guy I work with express his feelings for me - we got along really really well and I kind of maybe lead him on a little - can;t help if I'm a flirt - I didn't act on his confession and it was a little awkward for a few weeks, but things went back to normal and we were still friends..... but then when I seen him and another girl getting on real well i wasa little jealous but in the end knew that i didnt have feeling for hime so new it was nothing to worry about ---


But in your case if you think you may really like him - I say start slow flirt do all the flirting tricks that gets a guys attention and see what his reaction is to you.


In regards to things being or getting awkward - my opinion is an awkward situation is only awkward if you let it be awkward.



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