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Ladies and Men wat would be a perfect night of sex?

nate 34

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OK wat would be a perfect night of sex like wat should we do before because this is our first and i want to make it pleasurable for her like the time before we'd actually have sex should we watch a couple movies because my parents are going to be gone for the weekend and i want to make it pleasurable for us. I might have a couple friends over too and one couple might have sex here too and we are all friends. or should we have fun like play games i dont think i want to have alcohol but i have it if the other couple wants it i dont want my partner to get drunk or anything i want her to be pleasured. wat should we do after. should we play games or do all that before we have sex and then just go to bed im so frusturated on my plans.

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Dont have friends around

Just make it her and you... or if your parents are away all weekend, have it just you two on the first night and have friends over on the second night.


Dont supply booze, if your mates want it, they can bring their own.


Make her a nice dinner, candles, PRIVACY and good music

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Yikes! I sure as hell wouldn't want a bunch of other people around...jeez. Sounds like a damn brothel!


How about a little romance? Ease up on YOUR plans a little if you're already getting frustrated. What's your rush to do something 'afterwards'?


This sounds like the settings of frat party...where you slap her on the backside and say thanks on her way out????? Poor girl.

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Exactly, be totally natural about it, if stuff happens it happens. With my first boyfriend he'd say over and over again "next time I see you we will" or "I wish we had had the chance tonight" blah blah blah. Nothing of worth ever happened between us. Whereas with the guy I did first sleep with I just went over to his house, we'd watch some dvds and then it just progressed naturally from there. We never said it would happen, but didn't rule it out either.


I'd do that. Have just a quiet evening in with her, watching dvds and talking and laughing and if you happen to kiss...that's cool. And if it happens to go a bit further, that's fine. And if it just so happens that you end up sleeping together that's just wicked.


Definitely don't have your friends over, especially if they have their own sexy agenda. It always kinda nagged in my head when I visited my ex, because I knew his housemate's bedroom was always just next door, and that I *knew* that he *knew* we were having sex. You're gonna want to go to the loo at some point too...you don't want to have to get all decent just in case they've had the same idea. I hated that - having to put a lot of clothes back on just in case his housemate was headed to the loo at the same time.

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