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thoughts on movie "The Last Kiss"

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i watched this movie last night "The Last Kiss"...


it made me think about the limits in relationships and how much we can stand and how much we can forgive


--people are getting scared of relationships and commitment, sometimes we run away but sometimes also come back



i had moment when i broke down and cried


did anybody see this movie?

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I saw it and you can definitely tell the story is pulled from the writer's experience! (most movies you see tell a lot about the writer b/c they have to insert some personal experience in order for a movie to work..unless it's a sci-fi movie or something) I watched it with my sister and we both felt the same way. I really liked the part where the g/f is so distraught after finding out about her b/f cheating that she pulls a knife. It just shows how crazy a situation like that can make you feel, though she wouldn't have hurt him, the sheer fact that happened showed how messed up emotionally she was about it...and I can totally relate to that having been cheated on myself.


It seems very true to form, however I absolutely HATED the ending! It ruined the whole movie.

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I just watched this movie last week... The character Jenna did such a great job with her emotions, it was almost as if it was happening to HER, not her character.


I thought this movie was so depressing. It was very good, don't get me wrong, but god. So sad. I cried during several different scenes (I'm not one to cry during movies)

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