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Couple Questions!


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I am 13 years old(14 on the 23rd of Jan) and I have some questions about masturbation.


1.Am I doing it right?(I grab the lower skin on the outside and jerk it up and down)


2.Is it normal for my penis to have semen coming out of it for about 20 min after I masturbate?


3.Any ideas(things to hump) that I can do other then what I said earlier?


4. Is 3-6 times a day too much?



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1) There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way.... Just whatever feels best for you.


2) Not sure about that. Sometimes there is a few minutes afterwards when the "left-overs" start coming out, but this doesn't happen if you're very aroused in the first place.


3) Nope.


4) And nope again. . Just don't let it interfere with more important things...

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Three to six times a day might be too much but it might not be. Most people count the number of orgasms they have when they are keeping track of how much they masturbate. However, they should keep track of how much overall time they spend masturbating. Some people can do it 4 time per day and only spend a total of 20 or 30 minutes all together. But then there are people that only do it once per day yet they spend hours doing it just that one time. 20 minutes is no big deal but hours and hours can get in the way of something we call "life". There is more to life than sexuality.


For more information, please see the following page:


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or link removed

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1) low and fast does it for me


2) yeah thats normal,

once, after a wet dream "left overs" came out for ages afterwards


3) ermm.. no, i havent tried anything except my hands so far


4) hmm... im not sure about that, i do it every other day, sometimes twice

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