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ok so heres my problem

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Alright well basically im to shy to ask out this girl. I really like her but i honestly have no idea if she likes me, she probably doesn't *shrugs* Anyway yeah so to start a year or two ago two of my friends hooked up and ever since then my male friend has been saying more and more stuff that they do and its starting to get me depressed and somewhat jealous. I have never had a gf, never been kissed, obviously never had sex and its starting to get to me, mentally and physically. Im not one to talk about my problems or my feelings thats why im posting here now its easier then talking to people face to face. Anyway yeah.. i really wanna ask this girl out but im not sure what steps i should take to get up to that point. I talk to her in school and online though she really doesn't seem to show any interest in me ](*,) Any one got any ideas how to get passed my shyness and actually get somewhere witht his girl?

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Why don't you just say hi? Once the converstation is started, you can take it from there. There are subtle bodily clues that you can look for to see if a woman in interested. Turning her body to face you when your talking, playing with her hair, looking you directly in the eyes. There is also light touching of the arms, which some say is a signal to other women that your taken!


But above all, don't just set there and admire her from afar...GET IN THERE! JUST DO IT! Even if she shoots you down, at least you know that you can break free of your shyness and talk to women, which will make it easier the next time.

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Hey there,


I think you should start talking to her and then if you still feel the same way about it , just ask her.. what have you got to lose?? Some of us girls are quite ambiguous with our feelings for guys.. It's hard to tell whether we like you or not (usually our own shyness).. Ask her and then at least you'll have an answer either way and you can either move forward with her or move on!



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My advice is to just keep talking to her and ask her out. I've liked a guy for a long time and haven't done anything -- I just keep thinking about it and over analyzing things. I think he liked me awhile back, but I've spent too much time overthinking things that I'm afraid I missed my chance.


So, just go for it. You say you talk to her at school and online. Well, if a subject comes up, like say she says she's interested in seeing a particular movie why not suggest the two of you see it. Or, if there's some school event coming up, suggest you go together.


Again, don't think about it too much. Just do it.

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see theres a few problems with that.. I already talk to her cause we have just recently become friends. I know of another guy who liked her and she shot him down and now its beyond awkward between them. Shes basically best friends with my best friends GF... so thatd make it really awkward and i hate those kind of situations. As far as eye contact, every now and then ill be just looking around (i dislike eye contact i honestly have no idea why) and at the corner of my eye i can see her looking at me for a second or two. Also when im talking to her and actually making eye contact she'll just look away or like shift her eyes to the right or left.

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