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Or in other words , they like you for your looks and not for who you are as a person, which is bad news to say the least. This because that means they are people who are layering a person with conditions before they love them. Although its very rare to find someone who unconditionally loves you, its just important that you understand the shallowness that goes along with it. That one guy that dumped you on valentines is not even worth wasting your breathe on, this because anyone who dumps you on a special occasional day, is just a horrible individual. They do this , because they know it will extra hurt you.


Keep on going for gold in your life, however be like a castle gate, close yourself to bad people/things/events and only open yourself to good people/things/events.

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Yeah, I agree that they mostly only like me because of my looks ... but it has opened me up and made me self-confident. And that kid didn't dump me on Valentine's day, it was just a little crush and he just said that he didn't like me back. But I love the attention. It's brought so many advantages to my personality.

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