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how bad does it hurt for a female virgin's first time?

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My first question would be, how old are you.......secondly, how much have you thought about this? If all you're worried about is the pain, it kinda makes me wonder just how meaningful it is to you, since that's not something you're really thinking about if the moment is truly right, it's more of a fleeting "this is going to sting for a bit, but the end result is worth it because I love him SO much." But, skipping over the "pseudo-Mom" stuff, it's a momentary pain....your first time is going to be awkward and somewhat painful no matter WHAT, and you'll most likely not enjoy it much. It takes a couple of times for it to be comfortable, much less ENJOYABLE, since you have to get over those self-conscious ideas of "what does he think of my body?", "am I pleasing him?", etc. But be prepared.....it's not a neat process. You're going to bleed, and you won't get a damn thing out of it, other than the sting of having parts broken that you weren't prepared for and the fact that you're not a virgin anymore. Please, just make SURE this is truly what you want for your fist experience! If you're with someone you truly love, all of this is lessened greatly due to the fact that that's not what's first on your mind.

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