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Best way to find a therapist

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I have decided to go back into therapy again. I was doing it for a while in the latter part of last year, but I didn't like what was offered in the HMO that I belonged to. This year I changed my insurance to a choice plan and now I have a choice with choosing therapists that will take my insurance.


Problem is I have NO idea how to choose a therapist. I have been living in this area for about a year now, but I dont have many friends and I have no idea who to ask. This isn't something I would ask people I am friendly with at school.


Any suggestions? I really want to get back into therapy again, because I am struggling with some personal things that are REALLY hindering me from finding a job and making me lose interest in school.

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Your school should have a counseling center. These services are most likely covered by student health fees as well. I would start there.


Your first appointment will probably be an evaluation of sorts. After this appointment, you will be scheduled to see a counselor most suited to your specific concerns. Go to a session or two with that person, and if it seems like you are clicking, continue. If not, make an appointment with someone else until there is better chemistry.

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Counseling centers at universities serve the purpose to assist students and also provide practicum opportunities for graduate students seeking careers in counseling. The advisers usually come to the counseling center on a part-time basis, usually holding full-time positions elsewhere.


I would say try and get connected with one of the advisers, someone older with more depth and breadth of experience. In my experience, those are the people to get connected with. They've tended to know more about my situation than I did and could pretty much finish my sentences. The sessions with grad students I've met with were next to useless...the advice given here on ENA was 100 times better...

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I agree with Jen, that asking your GP who he might suggest would be a good match for you. I have only found one good therapist in my life, it was someone who did not tell me what I wanted hear but someone who helped put things in perspective for me when life just seemed it was coming at me from all different directions at the same exact moment! God I hate it when it does that. LOL. Seriously, don't jump at the first shrink. You are interviewing them as well. Some people need a tough approach, while others like to be soothed. In the end it is always up to you.

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