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k so pretty much i'm just going to go to the doctor and ask because who else knows for sure until i get tests done...but i figured id ask here first.


Has anyone ever experienced this??


Anyway, my problem is...last month I got my period like normal, and from i recall there wasn't anything peculiar about it. Anyway, it ended...and then a day or two later my boyfriend and i were getting 'intimate' and afterwards we realized there was a huge mess...my period had came back. so that happened for about a week, everytime we tried to have sex - it was REALLY heavy too (it gets really heavy when we have sex now too, but now i have it all the time sort of). and then after that my period just got kinda steady...and now it's pretty steady but light, 3 weeks later. i'm on the pill and i've taken it consistently. So pretty much i've had my period for my entire cycle.


What's the deal?? Does anyone know?

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If you don't use the pill the build up of placenta will take place in a far bigger amount then when you do use the pill, when your body has discarded all the mess your peroid has ended. Personally i think there was still a fair amount of residu left in your body, and with all the shaking while being intimate, that stuff came loose.


In your next period the buildup shouldn't be that much if you continue to use the pill, however for safety reasons i want you to contact a gynecologist and have some tests done.

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