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People ask for break up songs and the likes but somethin i read a long time ago where some amazing bits of poetry and one stuck in my head to this day i just cant find it any more. I found this site Of quotes and the likes with one line of it funnly the only line i can remember of it any chance one of you has the words of this stored somewhere??


link removed


some of them are worth a read if ur interested expresses the hurt and the like that we just cant find the words to say


63. If the only way we can be together is in my dreams, then let me sleep forever.


well thats the line from the peom that i managed to track down any chance one of u knows it all or has a link to it or something?

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Honestly i think it was another line that read in that poem, maby reading that line has made you think it was it, but i sincerely doubt that was the line referring to the poem you lost.


Isn't it still in your history of your internet. Can't you possibly recall the website the poem was on? Maby you send the poem to someone who might can send it back to you?

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