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For those with an IUD/coil fitted...

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I'm considering getting the coil fitted and was wondering if any of you with experience of this method of contraception could help answer a few questions:


Can you feel it during sex?

My partner and I enjoy, well, rough sex - he's quite large and can go very deep inside me. Is there any way this could mess with the IUD?


Many thanks for reading

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Hey Pixie,


I have a copper IUD, and my partner can sometimes feel it during sex a little, but it doesn't bother him. Most of the device is inside your cervix and uterus, the only things that stick out into your vagina are the threads that hang down from it, which you can use to check it's still there, and which they use to remove it when you're done with it or it needs to be replaced. The threads are what your partner may on occasion feel.


Rough or deep sex will not interfere with the device, for the same reason: it's 'out of reach'. If you scroll down on this information page: link removed , there's a diagram so you can see what I mean. The threads are bendy, so your partner's penis coming into contact with them will not move the rest of the IUD around.


A word of warning though: I love my IUD, it's great that I don't have to take hormones and remember a pill or use condoms anymore (for anyone else reading: only advisable in long term relationships where both partners have been tested, as an IUD makes you more susceptible to STIs), but getting it fitted is really uncomfortable. However, that's just a few minutes of pain, after which you're sorted for the next 5 years (or longer with some types of IUD).


Take care!



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I was offered a coil as emergency contraception a while back, and declined due to the doctor telling me it would be very painful.


I've not heard anything bad about the coil, although it is very safe if fitted correctly, they can come lose.....


I wouldn't have one fitted as i am a weakling when it comes to pain!!


My previous partners, partner (make sense??) had one, and he said he couldn't feel it at all....there is no real reason for why they should, although conversely i've heard of penis's being "scratched" by the thread.....

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