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No Leonardo


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I dreamt we were alone on a sinking ship

and you had all the life jackets.

I asked you for one, and you said no,

I’m saving them for the other passengers.

I said, there are no other passengers,

and you smiled and said,

Just the same.


I dreamt we were on a falling plane

you kept running around

locking all the exit doors.

And every time I found a way off

you jumped in front of me to stop me.

Whee! You said as we drove into

the ground. Here we go!


I dreamt we were trapped together

in a locked room in a burning building

and you had the only axe. When the

whole room was on fire, I said,

Are you going to use that thing?

You said, Sure,

and you cut off my head.


That’s what I love about you.

No matter how desperate the situation,

no matter how bleak,

when the chips are down,

I can always count on you

to do the thing that will

hurt me most.

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