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Update: Made the Right Decision

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Just wanted to give a quick update on my situation. If you would like to read the whole story you can read my previous thread but I will give a brief version. I was with a woman who was going through a divorce and ended up falling for her. Not meaning to but things happen. Well earlier this month she decided she wanted her space and wanted to be on her own. Although she wanted this she still wanted to be in communication but I started NC for about a week before she called me to see how I was doing.


Well after her call we ended up meeting for dinner the next weekend so that I could find out what the deal was and to try and get some closure. We had a nice evening but in the end of it everything stayed the same with the relationship. I left town for the holidays and found time to think about everything. In between then and now we talked several times but yesterday I finally decided to end the relationship because I think I am better than just a part timer. I care for her and figure it is just best that we part ways so that we both can get on with our lives. I feel I made the best decsion because when I told her I wanted all or nothing it actually felt empowering to finally have control over my life again. I made a decsion that I felt was right for me. I am no longer letting her dictate when we can or cannot talk. I want a relationship without restictrictions or conditions. Anyway, for all of you out there in the same position I say take back the control over your life and don't let anyone steal your power away from you. We are all better than being second best or being taken for granted. Live by your set of rules not someone else's.


Now that I have my closure I feel I can move on since I feel a weight has been lifted and I am in control of my happiness again. Today starts day 1 of NC. It is going to be hard but I know I am a strong person. We are all strong if only we believe in ourselves and place our trust in God. Wish me luck and for all of you who are in the position I was in please be strong and believe you deserve better.

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You are right about the control part , however personally i think you stepped into her life too early, it might take 2 to 3 months for someone after a divorce to come to their senses again, i think that if you had given it some more time she would become possibly available for you, so keep the control, but if your still into her, you could try sitting this ride out, alternativly you could try to meet and date other girls, maby the paths of your destiny will cross this woman again when she is ready, you might give it another try then.

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The Law you are right in that is was way to early. The sad part is that I was once in her shoes and should have known better but instead of thinking with my head I was thinking with my emotions. I guess what is done is done and I did learn some lessons from this experience so now I am going to continue to work and go to school. I am fully letting her go so that I can move on quicker but your right if it is meant to be then our paths might cross again someday. Thanks for your reply!

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