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ok well me and my bf broke up and basically during our relationship he used to get jealous of other guys quite often and like i found it kind of cute but sometimes really annoying anyway we broke up three weeks ago and although i told myself i was over him, i obviously am not. i think about him like soo often and it doesnt help that i have class with him everyday. i noticed that he started talking with this girl a little more than usual, and i know that they are friends but now its like whenever i see him hes trying to find a way to get close to her or talk with her. This is killing me like honnestly it feels like someone is just stepping all over my heart and im soo jealous! anyway after class today i just walked by him dindt even say hi and then he noticed and yelled out wat the hell? and the rest of the day he was purposely walking by me and going u dont even say hi?! urgh it was so bad.. anyway what do i doo, how can i stop caring about him and just MOVE ON... thx in advance..

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I hate to say this to ya but... Its not easy, Theres no magic fix, there is only one thing to help you get over it and move on and thats time. Those are cold harsh facts Im finding out myself right now its been 2 week for me and all i can do is think about her still. i just realised today one thing though. My reason for not beign able to move on is because i somewhere dont want to i still want to fight for her and try do something to get her back but im tryin to face that it wont happent hat i cant win her back.


Love loss is like havin a family member die on you or a close firend. Its a slow greiving prossess. it takes time to find yourself again. If you dont mind me askin who ended it you or him?? why did it end?? I know the steppin on your heart feelin.. its like they just reached into your chest and plucked it right out. it hurts so much it is the hardest thing i have gone through so far in my life

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