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So I have this friend.....

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So I have this friend and I really like her alot. I kinda fooled around with her a long time ago and we have been friends for about 3 years after reuniting on a cruise. When we reunited on the ship and came home she would call me pretty much everyday, come visit me at work and stuff, but she had a boyfriend and I felt that if I was going to talk to her everyday then I needed something more than just being a phone buddy and kinda backed off/stopped answering all of her calls and stuff.


Well we would still talk, but everytime I would ask her to do stuff she always had an excuse that she was busy or blah blah blah. Well time passed and just recently we started hanging out. We have gone out for drinks and to the movies and stuff but I just cant read this girl @ all. The day before thanksgiving I had called her and told her she should come meet me for some drinks since I was going to be in her area and was getting out of work early. She said she was busy so I basically said "well have a nice turkey day and I will talk to you later". So Friday she calls me and winds up coming to meet me at a bar accompanied by one of her friends. We end up going out bar hopping and she was sittin beside me all night. She had a skirt on and I was sitting there talking to her while rubbing her legs and kinda holding her hand. Just trying to show her that I am interested in her. Anyways the night ended without anything good happening. I have yet to get a good kiss from this girl, just pecks on the cheek with a hug. So saturday night she called but I was busy and told her I would call her back and waited till tonight to call her.


So here is my problem. This girl drives me wild. The feeling I get in my tummy when I see her is nuts and I love to see her smile. I just feel like if nothing has happened in 3 years it probably wont happen. I so wanna tell her how I feel about her and that I really want to date her but I don't want to scare her off because I always want her to be my friend. I don't know what to do. Like the other night she was sitting there playing with her hair smiling talking to me and I know thats gotta be a sign of interest along with the phone calls and stuff but Im not sure. How do I go about telling her whats up without scaring her away? Another thing is that her friend was a really nice girl and single and I would love to take her out on a date too but I need to find out if the other girl is intersted in me before I blow that and chase after her friend and then not have anything. Any advice would be great.

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Ok, well, the best thing to do would be to be honest. Just tell her that you really like her and want to possibly be more than friends with her, it's ok if you stutter or something, just don't try to act all suave and cool, that's what shoots you down usually.


If you really like someone let them know, that is my philosphy, "Enough hints, ask me on a date already!"


I know you might be shy and it might take a while to approach her, but if you like her don't take too long, or she could be snatched up again before you know it.

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No, do not tell her you like her, let her know you like her by asking her out on a date. Talking about your feelings puts a lot of pressure on the situation, and pressure is never good. Instead, set up a date, just you and her-no friends, and then take her out. At the end of the date, KISS HER. By your actions she will know you are interested in more than friends without you getting all serious on her by telling her how much you like her.

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DD: It is almost like, "No, NO, NOOO!!! Do not tell her you like her!!!"


Almost sad, but way too true. Unfortunately, I learned the HARD way!!


Do not tell her. Let her tell you all she wants. Redirect the convo. Show her you like her. In my opinion, if you want to touch her hair or face, fine, ONCE! Don't stroke and DON'T rush!!!


I speak from experience!!!


She will like it when you look at her a certain way or want to be "adored", but the minute you start professing anything that is too soon, SHE WILL RUN!!


Good Luck!!

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