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Strange Feelings and Emotions

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Hey...I've been posting here lately and just wanted to create a post about exactally what I was feeling...I feel like my sthomac gets reallllllly heavy and that I've also lost my appetite...It feels like im hungry but at the same time i feel like if i eat i will just throw it back up...I only eat once a day now and thats supper and its only about half of what i used to have for supper...I feel like It's really hard to oconcentrate on things such as homework or school and things I usually like to do I feel like I don't have the desire or the drive to do them anymore...Also I can't get a certain girl out of my head...I went through pretty much the same symptoms last year and got medical attencion and the doctor perscribed Effexor XR pills (75mg i think) to help with depression....but they diddn't really help so i stopped taking them to tell you the truth...I got over my ex a while after I stopped taking the pills...up until recently i thought that what i was feeling was depression...but that cannot be the case because the depression pills diddn't help...could anyone tell me what i am feeling and if there is some simple activities that can help me get over it?...thx...any reply would be accepted.

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buddy, i know exacly how you are feeling because im just getting out of it.


Seemed like you really loved someone and then something happened that you wish didnt. Theres just a couple things i could tell you which helped me alot. Here it is.


#1. Just remember that your better then that

#2. Dont EVER lose hope, that was the biggest problem i had but the second i got hope back i started to get better.

#3. Your still young, you have so many years to find someone.. and i mean someone better ( even if you think there isnt better )

#4. Life is too short to ever get sad/depressed


One more thing i want you to do for me, I want you to think of something that makes you happy... it can be anything in the world. Think about this real hard and trust me you will feel better.. everytime you feel yourself started to get down just think of something that makes you happy...


if it feels bad when your thinking of it.. chances are your thinking of the wrong thing.


Dont expect to get better over night, ill be honest with you sometimes it takes more then what we would like but you will become a better person and a stronger person after its passed.


Time can heal the deepest wounds, just stop thinking of things that make you sad/depressed and then you wont. Makes sense no ?


You will find someone and if dont.. they will find you


Take care buddy, remember, your better then this

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