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Tingling/Pain in fingers

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Well, not having much luck with the doctor or with medical sites with this... Thought I'd throw out the question and see if anyone has any ideas.


I have a constant burning pain/tingling sensation in the joints of my fingers - specifically the first joint from the fingernail end. The index fingers have pain so badly that I have to wrap them in tape to stop bending them - this seems to help a bit.


I thought it was overuse since I have a desk job and lot of typing/mousework. But the problem had since spread from my major typing index fingers to even my pinkies. And I don't type with those...


Is it carpal? I always thought that makes your wrists and whole hands hurt... My doctor said it was arthritis and I'd have to live with it (the end, no further help, bah), but I am only 26. (She also didn't seem to be paying attention either, so I mistrust her diagnosis) I'm a bit young for it. If its oesto-arthritis from overuse, again, I don't type with my pinkies.


I dunno if its related but I also have knee pain and my back pain (from an existing injury) had lately increased. I had wondered if it was something that was lacking in my diet, since I moved out recently and am now doing my own meals. Since my cooking is different, I might be missing something, but its nothing obvious...


Anyways, sound familiar to anyone?

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Doctors are humans just like everybody else. Some of them are better at their job than others. And some just plain aren't any good at all.


If you don't agree with a doctors diagnosis or you continue to have problems, don't let that stop you from seeing someone else and getting a second opinion. When your health and well being is at stake you need to be your own best advocate.

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