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Playing hard to get?


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Just went on a date with someone, and it seemed to go really well. We had a long lunch where we talked a lot to get to know each other, we then went and played some raquetball, and seemed to have fun there as well. Next we went and just hung out on a pier and just sat close. I held her arm after that. We finished with a pool game where we seemed to enjoy each other. I took her back to the car and got 2 sets of kisses. and we seemed to really hit it off.


Main issue is that she doesn't have online chatting software, and works differing hours and at odd times. I tried to call today (day after date) to talk a little and to plan another, but couldn't get ahold of her, left her a message but don't know. Am I at her will to call back now? or can I try to reach her again? Usualy the people have some chatting software so I can keep in touch, but this is kinda old fashioned so I'm looking for a little guidance on how to proceed. thx

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i hate chatting software. I only use it with people who live out of the country. I rarely chat online and refuse to give it out to anymore people than absolutely necessary.


anyways, give her a call if you don't hear from her in a few days. Ask her out for a concrete day and time. if she likes you, I'm sure she won't let you slip away too easily.

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Hi fox 91


Ouote "Or is it more of a no talking till she talks back?"


Yes - I think it be advisable to cool your jets, Fox 91. No need to send a text just yet. Be cool, get busy with other things and let a few days go by. Unfortunately, you can't force this situation into being and the more you try, the less likely you are to succeed.


Good luck and I hope you hear from her soon



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