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Need input. Moving too fast?

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I just ended a 3 year engagement about 3 months ago. I recently met a wonderful girl and we've been dating for 1 and a half months. I was supposed to leave for a 6 month fire academy last week, but I couldn't because of I hurt my ankle. She just wanted to wait and date around and decide what to do. She just got out of a 3 year relationship too. Well, I'm stuck here till my ankle heals (atleast a month). So she lets out a torrent of emotions. She tells me she loves me. And I say it back, because I feel it more than anything. Well, we're definitely in it for the long haul now. We've talked about getting engaged, married, kids, job, house, even a dog. Well here's the kicker:


She's mormon. They never, ever, ever marry outside of religion. They're religion is also very strict. No alcohol, smoking, tattoos, no caffeine, certian way to dress. They have a certain way to get married too. It's not a traditional wedding. I'm in the process of converting. Not just for her, but for me. I used to be a heavy drinker (im irish) and curser. I like how I am when I go with her. Proposal is probably osmetime close to Christmas/January.

I'll have a 2 week leave form the fire academy so it would be the perfect time. Any comments?

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In my opinion I think you guys are moving a little too fast. It seems a little strange that she wants to talk about marriage and moving in together already after 1 and a half months. Even though you may really like and care for each other, you should still take things slow and let things flow along smoothly.

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