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Will someone (female) please rate me?


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Yeah I understand what you're saying, but at least now I know one reason for my failures. I realize not all women find me ugly, but most do and there's not much I can do about that. One poster did suggest how I could look more approachable.


I was brought up in a sheltered family and my parents did me more harm than good by saying I was good-looking and I'd have NO problem finding a girl. I got a dose of reality when I went away to university and one of my friends told me to accept the fact I was (slightly) ugly.

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OK I think I've figured out one reason why I haven't had any success with women. I'm ugly. I've always suspected it but I had no way of proving it. I finally collected the courage to post my mug on link removed. I got a really low rating. I'm certainly not going to post my pic here but if anyone is willing to accept one by email and rate it for me (honestly), please let me know.


Please stop this insanity. link removed?!?!?!?!? ](*,) ](*,)

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