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Please HELP!!!


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Have you got a male relative that you can talk to about this? Someone who wouldn't embarrass you?


When you say it hurts what exactly do you mean? Is the foreskin wide enough or is this what's causing the pain?


It's possible that your testicles haven't dropped yet.


Has your voice 'broken' yet?

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Well, I'm not quite sure, but.. I don't think the sperm is exactly the "lubricate" while masterbating...


You don't ejaculate because you haven't hit puberty. However, the reason it hurts could be a number of reasons. Lack of lubrication, doing it rough, ect, ect...


Try doing what feels good and that doesn't leave you into tears. Or perhaps you find the pain exciting, and then your heading down a different hall.... at a young age.

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dude man...no matter what age you are 4 times a day is WAAYYY too much. masturbation can very easily become a habit and then turn into an addiction. thats not an additction at all it is seriously like an exagerration. i startd in 9th grade and seriously got hooked...at the worst point i was doing it like 4 times a nite everynite...(freakin pathetic!)...even now, i'm a freshman in college and have trouble not doing it several times a week...it hurts your self esteem and is just gross....stop doing that sh@t so much man...do yourself a favor....

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