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Note to say goodbye


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Its a shame, you would have loved the next 10 years,

movig in with some one,

going on your 1st holaday alone,

See you 1st child smile

walking in new snow,

Sunsets in th rain,

swiming in a blue sea.

meals in the shade as others walk by.

each and ever moment of pour joy

lost from i act to seen to know what you have lost.

as the child grows so do you skills

to larn is to be, death is the end of that forever.

such a loss,

such a shame


when all that was need was to wait until sun up to say hello to a new day

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I hope I'm not to late with your post being edited and everything. I have no idea why you plan to do this, so I don't know what to say to make you want to live. I care if you live or not. I love all living things, and I would be deeply sadned by your death. If you need someone to talk to and let it out I could be the person you vent to. I'm willing to do whatever I can to make you feel batter, please, just give life a second chance. You are young, you have so much your going to miss if you die. I'm only 1 year older than you, and I've been suicaidal too. I know it feels bad, but things'll get better, I promis. Find someone to love, find a hobby or an obsession to keep you busy. Please, just try and you will find reasons to live.

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Yeah hey everyone sorry about that posti was just having a hard time once. But i am doing alot better now i feel real good. Thank you everyone for caring and being there to suport me even you dont know me, it means so much yous will always be in my heart and never forgotten

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