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Saw Ex for the first time in 5 months

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Isn't life just funny sometimes....two days ago I saw my ex out in public for the 1st time since I implemented NC exactly five months ago to the day. Went out w/some new friends and a couple hrs after I was at the bar, she walked in w/a friend of hers.


Nothing happened, I know from friends that she saw me but she and her friend stayed on the other side of the bar, far from me, and I just hung out w/my friends, drinking and dancing and having a good time. I was totally unnerved, but i think I handled myself well. At least that's what my friends say.


I am not a bar person but I've been making myself go out a little more just for the socialization. I'm sure she was shocked to hell to see me out, and hanging w/new ppl, and having a good time. I'm sure she's dogged me to anyone who will listen, but oh well> I'm trying to move on.

She always called me a loser and said that my problem was I wanted her and she didn't want me, and "don't build your world around me". No joke......exact quotes from her!


I'm just posting to say I managed to make it thru seeing my ex after all the hurt and pain. I could see that although I still think @ it all the time, I made it through and I'm not scared to go out again for fear I'll see her.


Thank you guys! And you know what else---she and her friend sat in the back of the bar and didn't really talk to anyone whereas I was up having a good time. I know its wrong, but I hope that her seeing me out rocked her world.

Living well is the best revenge!

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Good for you! Stay positive. Your ex's attitude struck a chord and instantly reminded me of my ex's, same condescending tone. SHe would also say comments such as..."Dont revolve your life around me!" and or you are just a "peasant" meaning my blue collar job. SHe is an executive and always felt smarter and better than me and that is where those comments came from.


So dont feel bad be GLAD, lets just thank God we are both out of their nasty webs! They are not our headaches any longer.

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well i'm trying to be! Thanks for the encouragement. I wound up seeing her AGAIN today at a festival. I think she may have seen me, but I was w/a bunch of friends, hanging out and having fun. I did notice she wasn't really hanging with anyone other than 2 acquaintences I know she has. Odd. Oh well, not my problem. Living well is the best revenge!

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congratulations! those moments of seeing the ex after so long can be really hard for some. seeing my ex out (and with a new girl) is pretty much the only thing i'm still worried about.


the fact that she didn't even say hi says a lot about her...a gracious person would have at least said hello. i'm glad you handled it well and didn't let it ruin your fun.

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