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Last Post for those not aware.


Ok so the girl I like and i think likes me asked to meet for lunch yesterday(Friday) anyway she calls me up early in the morning saying that she will not be able to make it as she needed to be at uni. Not much later my work called me asking if I could pick up a spare shift...I said yes. Then at early afternoon the girl txts me asking if I would like to meet up quickly for a coffee at 2pm. I couldn't as I had already said yes to work. Now on a side note not long ago she decided to give me a nick name "bubbles" I don't know why and don't really care where it came from, but I was on MSN today and have noticed that she has made a display name of "I love bubbles"


Now I am inclined to think she was very interested in seeing me(hence the second call) but I am not sure as friends or more. The MSN name thing is odd to say the least, and my last post also says a lot. Now sure she might talk about another guy to make me jealous but its a pretty stupid method of doing it. Now I want to tell or better yet show this girl I like her a lot, but I don't know how as I cant see her at the moment and don't want to let her get away. What is the best way to proceed?

I have a stack of postcars that me and her were talking about and I said I would thow away because I had nothing to do with them, she said I should send one to her. I'm not talking about declaring my Love for her, just a quick note that would at least be a sign I am interested. Plus she did say I have a way with words.

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Well its like this. Guys are direct, they say stuff directly to the face. Girls are subtle and show signs in a way that they hope guys will recognize , but most guys fail miserably at recognizing the right signals.




It is 'without doubt' that this girl is into you. Calling you bubbles and having her MSN name, i love bubbles is a dead give away.


I would hunt her down and date her.

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