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Why can't I stopping thinking of my ex???

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Hello everyone. I am having a tough time right now because I thought that I was over my ex. We were together for six years and we have been apart now for 7 months. I did nc to the best of my ability because we have a son together. Well lately he started school so we have had to be in contact a lot more. As we talk about things for our son I realize that I still have strong feelings for her. The worst thing is that she is dating someone else.


Before we broke up we where planning our lives together. We were waiting to see if I got a job that would relocate us to another city. That job never came through. Until now I just got the position. My problem is I don't want to leave her and my son behind. I want so bad to go tell her the come with me and we can start over in a new city away for everyone and everything. Just like we had planned before we broke up. I know that I am kidding myself. But something inside tells me that this is the right thing to do and that she just might say yes. What do you guys thinks. Do you think that I have false hope and I am wasting my time? Any input and advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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You might as well talk to her about it. Ask her how she feels about you.

Have you changed since you were together with her? Do you think the problems you had before would be any different now?

If you want her back look at yourself and see if you think you have changed and if you think you can have a different better relationship this time.

There was a reason you broke up right?

Also , it's normal to think about an ex, examine what the relationship was and was not. And since you have a son together she will always be in your life.

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So you think that I should talk to her about it. That it is easier said than done. But the weird thing is that she has been really nice to me all of a sudden. Making small talk and cracking a joke here and there. She smiles at me more and even makes eye contact with me now. I don't know how to take this. Is it that maybe she is finally over me and feels that she can talk to me like any other person. Or is there more to it like hope that maybe we can work things out. I know she was dating someone else, but I couldn't prove that they are together as of lately. Sould I go through with trying to talk to her? Please help

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