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Needing career advice.

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Ok, I'm 22 and I'm pretty lost as to what career path i'd like to follow so any advice is welcome, especially if anyone knows any free career sites that test you on your skills ect and then give suggestions.

I'm an emotional and creative person, who hates too much pressure.

I've been advised to try childcare work which I'm looking into now. The only work i've done which i enjoy doing is is my voluntry work in an oppurtunity shop for about the last 6 years once a month. I love the organisational side of this type of work, sorting things and putting them in their proper places!

In my spare time i read, write and collect!

I'm not a people person either, i have a b/f and one very good friend and family, and that's the all the people i need. And when they can't help I turn to you guys!


So any ideas are welcome, thank-you.


And yes i'm with an employment agency, they keep pushing me towards kitchen-hand work, (no thank-you!) Tried it and their response was 'your too slow', err gee thanks after i spent the day working very hard, 6 hours no break! Well i was offered a few minutes break, but with the pile of dishes i had to wash i said no! Typical!

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I guess the first thing you need to ask yourself is what you'd like to do? Is there a certain activity that you've always wanted to do as a full time job?


What sort of education have you got so far? What subjects did you enjoy most and were good at? Would you consider going for future education?

In most cases to pursue a career in something you need some form of higher education, e.g. Bachelors degree, traineeship, apprentice etc.


I guess I'm not really answering your question but there are a few questions you should consider which might lead you to some more ideas.

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I was told to follow my passion. It is your passion that creates your job opportunity because you will want to do your job even in the difficult times (e.g. Dressmaker, Artist). If you follow what you think the job market demand is (e.g. Accountant, Economist, Lawyer), there is the likelihood that that job may no longer exist by the time you finish your training. Or, even worse, you may not like the chosen job. Choose what you like to do.

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One thing to consider is exposing yourself to the possibilities out there.

Young people often get stuck choosing a path from a college catalog without really knowing about the world outside academia. If you have the chance to volunteer at a few different places or can spend a day here or there seeing some options, it may give you some inspiration.

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I've been so very lucky with where my career has taken me, and had the opportunity to explore lots of things. That said a lot of my friends are like you, and i too have had voids in my life.


Some people call it a 'cross road' where you're trying to decide the best way. a couple of things thou

1) you're young. Test the water with lots of different things until you find something that ticks your box - remember the perfect job isn't always perfect forever....people change, jobs change.

2) don't get hooked up on the 'must have a career'. Personally, i think we've all gone too far on the competition stakes with careers, ambition is a wonderful thing, as long as it is applied without expectation

3) don't rush into jobs. Take a step back and imagine you had all the money in the world - would you still like to have a go at this role?

4) you do not have to stay in any job you do not like. Try it, don't like it? GET OUT!! don't stay in dead end jobs.


You mention child care...how about working with challanging young people? Or children who are disabled? you sound like you have alot of wonderful gifts, and attributes. Make sure you channel them into people/job that will also give you something back....

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How about a quaint little shop that sells souvenirs and cute trinkets? Like a gallery shop? They usually don't get a lot of traffic, so it's not like your average retail job that makes you want to kill the next customer...If it's the right kind of stuff, it can work well with your creativity...And organizing, of course, is a must!


If you end up managing a cute shop like that, you even get to travel to shows to pick out awesome merchandise -- it's kind of like being a collector!

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