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  1. Ok, I'm 22 and I'm pretty lost as to what career path i'd like to follow so any advice is welcome, especially if anyone knows any free career sites that test you on your skills ect and then give suggestions. I'm an emotional and creative person, who hates too much pressure. I've been advised to try childcare work which I'm looking into now. The only work i've done which i enjoy doing is is my voluntry work in an oppurtunity shop for about the last 6 years once a month. I love the organisational side of this type of work, sorting things and putting them in their proper places! In my spare time i read, write and collect! I'm not a people person either, i have a b/f and one very good friend and family, and that's the all the people i need. And when they can't help I turn to you guys! So any ideas are welcome, thank-you. And yes i'm with an employment agency, they keep pushing me towards kitchen-hand work, (no thank-you!) Tried it and their response was 'your too slow', err gee thanks after i spent the day working very hard, 6 hours no break! Well i was offered a few minutes break, but with the pile of dishes i had to wash i said no! Typical!
  2. I've been dating this nice guy who's in his early 30's for about a couple of months now. Anyway, I've now seen him shirtless and he has no hair on his chest at all. I asked him about it and he said he's never had hair on his chest, is that naturally possible? (he has hair on his arms, legs and he has told me on his pubic region as well). Also, he has quite a small tongue, do tongue sizes vary?
  3. glad u didn't think i was being too harsh, i was just stating what i know to myself as good advice, and was just passing it on! When i'm on bcp if i miss just one day i tell my b/f to wear a condom, i dont like to take any chances!
  4. Thank-you, everyone, for making me feel 'normal'. bebecole, you haven't done it in six months? omg, looks like I'm gonna be waiting awhile then! lol
  5. If You have birth-control pills, if you don't want to get pregnant i'd recomend you take them. condoms are more practical and comfortable that boxers! Most women aren't usally fertile after their period, but if you're worried do a home test or see a doctor. Remember it's better to be safe than sorry!
  6. Ever since breaking up with my boyfriend i've been craving sex! He was my first long term relationship, we used to see each other three days a week, two nights. We used to have sex(or sexual activities) 1-3 times on average. I don't know if this is a lot or not! we were together 2 and a half years. Anyway the thing is I'm so over him, yet I have been having sexy dreams involving turning up on his doorstep having sex with him and then leaving him, dazed and confused! I signed up on a couple of sites just wanting friends, but when i get dirty men sending me kinky messages, it's SO temping, lol. I don't like to masturbate either, that activity has never been my thing. Sometimes when I'm out and I see a cute guy, i can't help but think sexy thoughts, more than usual, lol. Is craving sex normal? I didn't crave it before my ex-boyfriend.
  7. Thank-you, and to CamaroJoe, I am trying out the site you recommended. I'm on as empurpled if anyone wants to sus me out, even if to just satisfy an overly curious nature like mine!!!
  8. Ok, if you've read my last entry you'll know that within the last couple weeks I've broken up with my b/f. What I want to know is where do I go to find someone to hang out with, not nessarily as in b/fs just someone to do stuff with, like go to the movies etc. I already have a wonderful best friend but she's starting a family with her b/f and doesn't like the same type of movies I do (she likes rom/com. I like horror/twisted tales.) So, is there any sites,(perfferably free!) that you would recommend?
  9. Now how do i put this? You sound as if you are developing an anxiety/obbesive compulsive disorder issue (been there done that!). My problems, hand washing and checking things, like doors being locked etc, were a need for control and to have a sense that if everything was perfect outside myself than everything inside my mind would would run smoothly. It didn't work for me and through being a stubborn so and so i got myself through most of the problems, maybe you could speak to your GP if it's really bothering you?
  10. The liking netporn was the first 'be cautious' sign in my realasionship. Then came the fact that he knew about 10 pornstars names that were his favourites and he would specificly look them up. Then i found out he had profile on dating site. Then Net letters to russian woman, then phone calls to them. And last but not least he started seeing another women behind my back............ Don't do the same, I was young and he was my first love, I have now hopefully learnt my lesson and shall not be putting myself through it again. A lesson can be learnt from others mistakes.
  11. Thank-you everyone for your firm understanding messages. I needed some good direction. My dads passive opinion your choice what happens, being friends isn't that bad. My mum's passive/aggressive opinion him stew a bit longer. My best and only friends aggressive opinion: I'm gonna kill the little disgusting creep! And you wonder why I'm confused! I'm going to try sucking my gut in and biting the bullet. He's been wanting me to ring, I said to him maybe Monday, I will definitely be ringing now and be telling him what's what, friends don't do this to each other. I'd rather be lonely! Plus he probably hasn't even told his mum, this last week, what's been happening yet, even though he lives with her. She really liked me too, my mum and my friend say i should tell her what's been going on so i'm not portrade as the bad guy. We'll see. I've got to deal with the mere male first! Thank-you again everyone, it's really helped me.
  12. Hey everyone at this great site, that i stumbled accross. I typed in something and my search engine directed me here. after reading about someone in their 40's having trouble with a guy who's in his late 20's, i thought i'd put up my problem for disscussion and advice. I recently found sms,s on phone of mybf28 lives at home with ma cse he has "issues to deal with" . the messages were like this: i miss you honey, talk to you online tonite. I confroted him he said it was a friend we argued, i particially forgave him. sent this person a text saying he's got a g/f leave him alone. Got password to his email account which he accidently left out. In his account you can send text messages, well after he said he'd be at his friends friday nite, i checked out these sms's. they went something like this,to his only friend: hey man i'm hocking up with a chick this weekend, 37, if u get the call, u wont, say im with u, lol thanks man. I confroted him tried to break with him, on the prospect of never seeing me again he starts crying and begs me to keep him in my life even if just as a friend.i said i'd think about it. We'd been together 2and a half yrs when this happened. sent girl another sms for carrying on with a guy who she knew had a g/f, she said he promised he didnt have a g/f...... We email sometimes, now is he worthhaving me as a friend? Our personalities gell really well, so now what? i've tried hating him, but cause i have similar mental issues, not quite problems just issues, i find myself still liking him. we never had any major problems til now. I'm 22. i've never done anything like this to him, i couln't not even as revenge.
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