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This is my ex ex. Not my ex. He sucks lol so no need to worry about that


Well, my ex ex and I have recently gotton closer (more info...it was a long distance relationship, didn't work out very well as I missed him too much and felt as if I was missing out).


Anyway, the other day he text me with a long sweet message saying he loved him. I think I still feel something for him but I would need to see him before I made a decision.


So, i replied saying I wanted to get to know him again so could we keep texting and he said yeah of course and we texted all that night.


The next morning I text him and he didn't reply at all. Now he texts me like once every few days just being friendly not seeming like he loves me etc even though he told me that everything he said in the text was true.


Now I'm all confused I was starting to get feelings back for him but now he's kinda giving me mixed messages and I don't understand


Anyone got a clue?

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I know he's not busy, doesn't start Uni til next week plus he was online and talking to people I know and then they asked if I had spoken to him and I said know.


Hmm more information? We met through a mutual friend when I went to visit, just clicked, got together but then since it was a long distance relationship we kinda grew apart then I met someone up here and it meant that I was able to get out and hang out with him rather than sitting in waiting for the l-d guy to phone.


So then we didn't speak for a while but then started talking again and got closer and he told me he never lost his feelings for me and that it was all me who got bored in the relationship - I still care about him, never stopped I just found being in a LDR rather hard.


I'm willing to try again if he starts trying......

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This seems a bit of a confusing one. Maybe he does still really like you, but he is now backin away as you are giving him what he wants - the attention and to know you still like him etc...he's probably frightened of getting hurt by you again.


Some times people are really honest with their feelings to others, as they are caught in the moment. How many times has it suddenly dawned on your friend that they love there b/f whilst you've been nattering?? THen because they are feeling a bit insecure about it, they back away. Self preservation.


Alternatively, due to him going to university his is concerned that you two may start something which he doesn't feel he has the time for due to other committments? You say the relationship didn't work because of the distance, well is university so much different? and what would have changed between you to make this time different to the last?


Just carry on being mates, if you are meant to be, you'll be. Don't over analysis everything, chill. Clearly you being you and being chilled in the first place was why he released his feelings.....

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