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Hey Everyone!


I have been friends with this girl for about 4yrs and recently we've be getting really close. I was rubbing her back and shoulders the other day for a little while and she said it felt really nice She coming round my place at the weekend so we can hang out. Since she commented on it being nice I was thinking that I may try it again but maybe develop it a bit from last time. Has anyone got any good massage tips??? . I don't want to go anywhere too sexual with this massage as I don't think she really ready for that yet (I think so anyway... but if she thinks different then hey hey!!! ) so I want to keep it in a sensual but not sexual area if thats makes sense? .


I'm kinda hoping it might lead to kiss or something cos I really really want to kiss her so badly.


Any ideas would be appreciated

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Normally I would say move in for a kiss...but since you have been friends for 4 years it does make the situationa bit tricky. If she has expressed interest in you sexually....then move in for a kiss....don't wuss out, hehe.


If not at all, then another massage is a good idea. Maybe then you might even talk with her a little about some more personal things....based on how the massage goes....then kiss her!

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there have been other threads on here of peoples 'spots' i.e on the back of the neck and in between shoulder blades etc...have a look


I would do the massage,and once she is relaxed, kiss her back - if she moans a little and seems to be enjoying...work your way up slowly..massaging and kissing...when you get to her neck - kiss all the way around and hopefully she'll turn her head to meet yours.


Ohhh who else fancies a massage now!?

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