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I freeze up when talking to the opposite sex


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Today I’m in the library doing homework and a girl and her friend walk up and ask if the seats next to me were taken. I said no and so they sit down. I wanted to say something but I didn’t know what. I just sat there and kept doing work. Several opportunities came up for me to start a conversation but they all ended with me mumbling off. For example another of the girls friends came up and asked who I was. And the two sitting next to me said that they just kind of sat down next me and didn’t really know. So one girl asks me my name and I said some thing like “ huh? Oh uhhhh it’s Stacker. That’s what they call me… yup… me.” (I said my real name not stacker incase you were wondering) Then I put my head down and continued working. I know I should have asked what there names were but I couldn’t bring myself to ask, my mouth didn’t want to open.


Later one of my buds came up and said that math was hard this year. I said why and we just kept talking. When he left and I didn’t say a word to the 2 girls sitting next to me, it just hit me like THAT. I can’t talk to girls and would like help just to break the ice. I think part of my problem is that I think that they’ll think what ever I say is stupid or weird and then think I’m a creep so I just keep my mouth shut.


What are things I could say to some random girl I don’t know who ends up sitting beside me? I guess I could say “hey what’s your name” but when that idea occurred to me when they sat down I thought they might think I was weird asking for names or something. But right now I'm kicking myself for not talking becasue one of the girls was one that has cought my eye in the halls for a year now but i have no clue who she so i never talk to her and out of pure luck she sits beside me and i messed up. Anyways help would be appreciated.



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Just talk to them... Who cares what they think about you? Dont expect anything to come from talking to them, just make it your aim to talk and to raise your confidence.

Instead of talking to girls to try and pick-up or get numbers, make it your goal to simply talk to them. Once you have, you are successful.


But seriously... who cares what the girls think? Dont worry about what theyre thinking, just do what you want to do. (but do it fast, so you dont have time to think about what theyre thinking)

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Well if you like this girl there's really no reason you shouldn't try talking to her.


Consider this. Right now she doesn't talk to you. Worst case scenario is that you try to talk to her and never talk to her again. But at least you can say you tried.


Think about your odds. You go from having a zero percent chance of her liking you by not talking or you can actually have a chance by giving it a shot.


Plus learning you have the confidence to do that is pretty cool too. In my experience noone has ever thought having balls to do something that scares you isn't cool.


good luck

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