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Need advice, shy guy going after shy girl


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ok, so im 16 and im a mildly shy guy. theres a girl that i like thats also shy. i need help being able to tell if she likes me back, and where to go from there. i usually call her about once a week with a homework question, then after it's answered we talk for like 6 more min., usually it appears she keeps the convo going by after me telling her im going to get my hair cut so i have to go, she asks where i get my hiarcut, or she shares how she did on test, and howd i do. generally we dont talk in school to each other, recently though she caught up with me and told me i had a nice soccer game last night, etc. other than that she'll look at me, she'll either smile at me when im in the hall or give a quick glance and pretend im not there. shes smiles when i talk to her, and i think she knows i like her. and i asked her to lunch, but that got cancelled b/c my soccer game got moved, and she said mayb another time when we wernt both so busy. with homecoming approaching, i wondering if she likes me, how to ask her to homecoming, adn this would be my first gf ever, so im lost. any help would be greatly appricated, i dont want to blow this one, she's special.

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If you are really too shy to talk to her then write her a letter, telling her how you feel, and hoping that she feels the same. Don't make it too long, or too short! Don't ramble and don't say the same thing 10 times! And HAND WRITE it, DO NOT use the computer. Then give it to her at school or put it through her front door (in an envelope!!). Good Luck.

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Judging by what you are saying, it seems as if she likes you, and that is a great thing. I would agree with skittle, if you are too shy to talk to her about "personal" stuff, like feelings and such, then prepare a letter. it doesn't have to be long. A page is sufficient. And maybe attach your e-mail address so she can send you an e-mail rather than prepare a letter and deliver it to your door. It would be for convenience. Good luck and may your journey bring you happiness.

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don't write the letter. You're saying with that: "I don't have the courage to talk to you in person". That alone is bad, but telling how you feel is a big no no, you're taking away all the mystery at once - you might kill the attraction. You want to show that you like her, not say it directly. Can you talk to her in person at all? If not, why would you want to go out with her - you can't talk? If you can talk to her, just slip in casually that "Let's go to starbucks at [time]". She'll get the point, I'm sure.

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